Diedrick in a Fog?

Can anyone explain the matador block by #30 on Bartel's punt block? Later, Austin wastes a timeout when #30 is missing from the special team's convert attempt. This guy is a veteran but he certainly didn't look like it on Sunday. :roll:
The good news is, ofcourse, that the good guys won. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I wondered why Austin had called the time out on the convert.

As for the turnstile block on the blocked punt, I thought that was Gascon-Nadon (45).

The missed block was definitely Diedrick. Gascon-Nadon picked up the loose ball, following the block.

Since we’re discussing the not-so-goods of the game, I’m wondering if someone else was “in a fog” at the coin toss.
I don’t understand what the thinking was that had us kickoff into the strong wind to start the game. What did HAM choose after MTL won the toss and deferred? – “We’ll go into the wind” or “We’ll kick” ??? If it wasn’t a mistake, they must have made the first choice believing that having the wind in the second quarter was most important – more so than having it to start to the game, or to have the ball.

I just watched it again, and you're correct. London simply stepped around Diedrick on his way. But he then stepped around Gascon-Nadon, who unsuccessfully tried to push him away. At least G-N partially redeemed himself by recovering the ball and trying to get up field.

They chose to take the wind in the 2nd “longer” quarter. Correctly.