Die Neuen Stadien für Kanada! (Our new Stadiums!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring to you the fantastic, death-defying, astounding, amazing, awesomizing fotografien. They are of the stadiums being thought up for Moncton and Winnipeg. Enjoy.


  1. Moncton officials have said that the new stadium could be converted to CFL size. Current size is estimated at between 10-15k, at a cost of between $15-$20 million.
  2. The Winnipeg Stadium has been nicknamed "The Toilet Bowl". Now Blue Bombers can represent 2000 flushes, instead of... a blue bomber, I guess. Would seat something like 32 000-35 000.

Vergnügen sich mit den Fotografien!!

Stade von Moncton

WINnipeg's "Der Stadion"

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WHOA!, it's awesome! I hope it can be covered in bad weather, and it can be used for my than just Football, and on a minor note, looks like the end zones will be cut like in Edmonton and Montreal! Hope they put a C instead of the 55.


BTW, I hope they call the new stadium for the BC Lions, the Barbarian Center.

Oh, forgot that one - they’re building a 15k stadium in Vancouver. It will be the new home of the Whitecaps, and will serve as the Home Field for our Canucks Rugby! Hooray!

I’ll try to find some pics.

I'm blowing this up and putting it on my wall at college!


I've got some more

Vancouver's new Rugby/Soccer Stadium (should have enough size to permit football - maybe the Shrum Bowl). Looks like one of those European contraptions... seats 15k

From above (location, location):

Some other Stadiums, relatively new, not CFL:
Griffith's in Saskatoon - will tripled in size for the Vanier in twelve months. Goes from about 3500 to 11 000.

Foote Field in Edmonton (seats about 3500)

And here's the nice new stadium they built in Windsor. Seats 4300, but lots of space around to be expanded some.

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The Winnipeg stadium (which I actually saw renderings of 6 months ago) is suppose to house a hotel and a water park.

Wow ... those really look like something else! But I'm wondering, how come they can find ways to build all these new stadiums, but not one in Halifax? Namely, does Winnipeg really need a new stadium? (it looks neat, though). And are all these projects 100% approved?

That design for the winnipeg stadium is really unique.

the winnipeg one looks terrible and will be made fun of for years to come, much like montreals 'big O'

its a real shame that stadium in vancouver isnt being built with 15 000 - 20 000 MORE seats, to make it 30 000- 35 000....the lions would look real nice in there if it was bigger.

and why isn't Quebec-city getting a stadium outta all this?

what's the time frame on these stadiums, zartan?.....do u know the years in which these are supposed to be completed by?...list them individualy, with the year of completion beside it.

I don't think we'd actually see that thing in reality... like come on a freakin toilet bowl....! They have to be kidding.


  • City wants facility as to land the 2008 IAAF World Junior Championship.
  • City would like a facility that would feature between 4000-10000 permanent seats, with the ability to add up to 15000 additional seats through temporary bleachers.


  • Planning stages. Being Manitoba, will take a while to do, if they decide to do it at all. It was a suggestion. I think they are going to have a commission on the viability of having such a stadium. You know what that means.


  • Kind of have to finish it before September (CIS football). Originally planned to house 15k, lack of resources have brought it down to 7000 and temporary seating + standing room.


  • According to www.whitecapsnewstadium.com, "Waterfront" Stadium could be expanded up to 30 000 seats after completion.
  • Approval for review granted by city council Oct. 20th, 2005.


  • I used to watch CPAC. I remember a Liberal minister being asked about a stadium in Halifax. He said they would make it happen, if possible.

Quebec City
Before the Rouge et Or came to town, Stade du Peps had a capacity of less than 3000. It currently stands around 11 000. It's been making it's way up, and I've heard rumours it may be expanded again shortly, by up to 5 000 seats.

thanks...very helpful


Everyone in Winnipeg is going "YEAH!" everyone else in the other teams, especially in Montreal, is going "WTH"!!!

So out of nine or 10 teams i the league:

Getting or wants a new stadium:

  1. Vancouver
  2. Winnipeg (I really hope that it is build!)

  1. Hamilton
  2. Ottawa
  3. Halifax (Atlantic)

Expanding or improving their current one:

  1. Toronto
  2. Montreal

Happy with the stadium they got:

  1. Saskatchewan (consily making improvements)
  2. Calgary
  3. Edmonton (where you like the team or not, you must admit that Commonwealth stadium rocks!)

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The Winnipeg stadium, while not the nicest looking IMO, probably serves a couple of functions like keeping those howling prarie winds out while still being an outdoor stadium, and also keeping it warmer therefore in the long run. And also seems like most of the stands are somewhat covered for rain. And one end is open so that is ok, most of the new football stadiums in the NFL are open in at least one end unlike the bowl configurations used many years ago.
And don't count out the Argos playing at the new soccer stadium at some point, at least after 2010 when their first lease is up at the Rogers Centre.

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