Didnt Learn from Looking past us

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 5m5 minutes ago

#Alouettes LB Bear Woods after loss to the #Ticats: “They won tonight. They won't win next time.? #CFL

Already looking past the BC Lions lol

Why cant they just zip it.

Ahhhhh such a sweet feeling it is to be #1 we get to sit back and watch the other fans stress it out next week.

Next time will be next year !!! :lol:

And the other quote:

#Alouettes LB Bear Woods after loss to the #Ticats: “They can enjoy this but in two weeks, there are going to be wishing they hadn't.? #CFL

WOW ! This guy is a piece of work !!! ROOKIE :lol:

In 2 weeks we will be playing the Lions at THF For the East Final
MTL will have their locker clean out day

Then after the game we can go halfsies on the plane flight back to Vancouver when we play in the Grey Cup!!!! :rockin:
Save Caretaker some cash

Congrats Cats. Good on ya for taking the East.

If a BEAR S#%TS in the WOODS ? Does anyone hear it ? :lol: ?

And here's yer answer :lol:


Statement makes absoultely no sense. Woods needs concussion protocol

Nothing like Motivating a Defense who just DOMINATED them at THF :slight_smile: , He bleeds Black And Gold Maybe lol :cowboy:

That Woods guy reminds me of a drum....the more empty ones make the most noise!!!

I wish it were true that the Als didn't learn anything from yesterday's game ... but unfortunately it looks like their coach is the first to unlock the secret of beating us at THF:

“Give them credit for what they were able to do here,? said Higgins of the Ticats. “They have a win streak here at home, but now we know how to get to the field, how to get to the locker room, we know what the locker room looks like, know what the field conditions are.

OMG !! Even the Coach is looking past the BC Game !! What a Fool :thdn:

Wow!!! Didn't realize such a simple thing would take so much effort.

That's your excuse for such a whoopin'???

That's dummer than what that Woods guy said after the game!!??

Well the Alouette fans think very highly of coach Higgins as you can see in this thread from their forum :lol:

Well the Alouette fans think very highly of coach Higgins as you can see in this thread from their forum :lol: [url=http://forums.ticats.ca/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=93401&start=105]viewtopic.php?f=2&t=93401&start=105[/url]

Bobo, I understand that those on the Als forum have a LOW opinion of Tom Higgins as their head coach, I've visited there a number of times as a reader.

After some of his recent statements, like the one in this thread, I can appreciate how they feel.

Higgins and Bear Woods better shut their Yap. ! They are giving BC lions Tons of Locker Room Material for some extra motivation :cowboy:

Hey TC, let them yap away and get the Lions angry and motivated. Because, come gametime next weekend, their keisters will have to cash the cheques that their extra big mouths are now writing.

Kinda whiney for a guy named "Bear", no? :lol: