Did you watch the Super Bowl?

Simple question, simple answer ... even if you're strongly pro-CFL (like myself), it's OK to say you watched the game!

Every bit of it - was a good game, too.....thought the Bears were gonna run away with it in the first quarter, but thankfully, I was wrong.....no offense to roughyfan, who is likely licking his wounds.....

I'm pro CFL, but football is football. The game was sloppy and filled with turnovers because of the weather, but I was entertained through out. I'm happy to see Manning win the big game, and get rid of the Dan Marino comparisons, but I don't think he should have been MVP. Addai, Rhodes?

Great Game, kept my eyes glued to the tv for all 4 quarters. I've been waiting many years for my Colts to take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and finally Peyton lead the troops to victory.

Indianapolis Colts, 2007 Superbowl Champions :stuck_out_tongue:

The only downside is we now have to wait a couple more months with no CFL or any other football to watch :x

andkon, you're right Addai or Rhodes. Peyton deep down knows he shouldn't have gotten it! They won on the ground not the air.

Who am I kidding I' am just pissed off my patriots aren't in it. Damn Refs

Good game, not great. Definitely not in my top 5 Super Bowls. The true Super bowl was last week, it shows how much better the AFC is than the NFC. You knew Rex Grossman wasn't capable of bringing his team back down two possessions.

Every bit of it, and yes jm02 I am licking my wounds right now and cursing Grossman. On a lot of drives they had great field position to start, because the Colts were scared of Hester but Grossman could do nothing with it.

I still think Grossman sucks …

lol, as does all the other NFL viewers out there, including and especially Bears fans.

I thought they covered him pretty good after the opening kick off. Or was that not him that ran that back?

I thought Manning played good enough to win the game myself , he had decent numbers in the air. I think the running backs benefit from Manning's passing ability ,in that Chicago has to put enough effort into stopping Manning that they can't zero in on the RB the way teams do when the QB can't pass. Sort of the same thing in reverse as a QB benefiting from a great running game.

He ran the opening kick-off back then the Colts squib kicked every kick-off afterwards, not allowing Hester to touch the ball.

I thought they kicked a number of them to him and covered him pretty well.

I'm very pro- CFL. And, I enjoyed the Super Bowl game. It was better than some of the past ones.

I agree with you sports which is rare,lol
I too am pro CFL, but enjoyed the Super Bowl.