Did you see Stubler...?

During last night's Argo-Peg game, I saw Stubler tear strips off his coaches, first Burratto and then later Simmons. He obviously saw something he didn't like on the field and was holding his coaches accountable for it. He's not in it to win any popularity contests.

I think that holding people accountable is one thing that's been missing in Hamilton. I mean, its a disgrace that a pro football team can be 1/3 of the way through its season and not have a passing TD. During the last 2 minutes of the last 2 games when the games were still winnable, the D played like a sieve and couldn't get the ball back. I think it's about time someone started pointing fingers at those who aren't getting it done.

"Go out there and have fun?" Gimme a break!

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During last night's Argo-Peg game, I saw Stubler tear strips off his coaches, first Burratto and then later Simmons. He obviously saw something he didn't like on the field and was holding his coaches accountable for it. He's not in it to win any popularity contests.
While I totally agree that I would like to see Charlie more active and emotional (and in Virginia), I think Stubler might be at the other end of the spectrum. Tearing strips off your Coaches in front of everyone isn't what I would hope to see either. At least not too often.

Then again it might be something they discussed ahead of time, if they thought the team was flat and felt they needed to try and fire them up. Having coached ball for many years I've seen coaches do this. I recall more than once telling an umpire that I was going to blow up in the next inning if our team continued to snooze and to please throw me out of the game, in dramatic fashion. Sometimes it seems to work. Either way it made for good laughs later. :lol:

Reminds me of an incident that I read about several years ago.......the names escape me.

But it was along the same lines as you are discussing, snocross.

Major League Baseball game, the team's manager comes out, argues a call very demonstratively with the umpire, and gets thrown out of the game.

Apparently, what he was actually saying to the umpire while waving his arms in the air, was, "Look, you know the rules and I know the rules, but the players don't understand the rules and the fans certainly don't understand the rules, so you and I have to stand here and argue for awhile, okay?"

What an interesting concept holding the coaches and the players accountable for their actions. You are absolutley correct - Taaffe and the rest of the coaching staff show very little if any emotion and should communicate more often. I am not sure I agree with tearing a strip off a coaches back on a national broadcast. However, I doubt the coach will make that same mistake twice. So Charlie take note communication works!

Why does everyone keep harping on this fact?
A passing TD is worth the SAME amount of Pts as a rushing one and so far this year the Cats are running at a league average for total offensive TD's which is 14.625. Last year when the team couldn't score a TD period now THAT was a big deal but this year the ground game is actually the envy of the league. I fail to see why it matters that the Cats ave no passing touchdowns right now. They will come.

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I think the fact that they can't pass for a TD goes a long way in explaining their record. If they were scoring enough on the ground to be 4-1 instead of the other way around, I might be a little less concerned (but only a little), the fact remains that in the CFL, you need an effective passing game--one that can put points on the board.

How much easier must it be for opposing teams to plan for Hamilton knowing they don't have to worry about being killed through the air?

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I saw Stubler tearing a strip off of his special teams coach last night as well, but I also saw the look on that special teams coach that said, "God, shut up, I can't go out there and make Orlondo Steinhauer not get stepped on by the punter!"

Some head coaches like to embrace their assistants as part of their team, and others like to embarass and ridicule them.

To each his own I guess.

Two weeks ago Stubler was on very thin ice, so I wouldn't say his technique is successful at this point.

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He appears to be much better prepared than our Mr. Taaffe and company.

BC has 10 TD's through the air, yet they only have 2 more wins than the Cats, Calgary has 11 and they ALSO only have 2 more wins than the Cats, so I fail to see the importance of aerial TD's as opposed to ground, if you are on average offensively, hell Winnipeg has 5 passing TD's and have the same record as the Cats, so as long as you score you can still compete, ground/air/special teams, it doesn't matter!

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Yes, but those 2 additional wins by BC and the Stamps translates into being 33% better than the Cats. That's a pretty significant difference I think.

I'll add one more thing. In my opinion, a strong passing attack is an entertaining part of a CFL game. Last night's game is good example. The highlight play apart from Dorsey's return for a TD was the TD bomb to Bryant. The rest of the game was pretty much a yawner. They're selling entertainment and I for one want to see more passes going to the endzone for points.

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I hope Stubler apologizes to Simmons after he see the film reveal that Steinaur did not contact the kicker.

any coach who goes ballistic on his assistants anywhere but in his office, I have no respect for. You dont embarrass them in public, and you dont disrespect them in front of the players.

What a complete ass.