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[b]On Wednesday, Nov. 3, 1869, in a room above George Lee’s Fruit Store, the Hamilton Football Club was formed. Hamilton Football Clubs have won the Grey Cup in every decade of the 20th century, a feat matched in professional sports by only one other franchise, the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League. In 1908, the Tigers won the dominion championship, a year before the Grey Cup was presented.

Prior to World War II, Hamilton’s football team was known as the Tigers. The colours of yellow and black were well represented and the present philosophy of tough football was established in those early days. The only time that Hamilton football was interrupted as a spectator sport was during World War I and World War II.[/b]

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With all due respect, tigger, Tiger football was interrupted during World War ll. But, football as a spectator sport was not.
We had the Wildcats, and we spectators watched them.

The article is probably correct about World War l. Neither you nor I were here to argue that one.