Did you know? Ticats least penalized team in 2009.

Just saw a stat on TSN during the Argo game ... Hamilton was the least penalized team in 2009? That is quite an improvement from previous years. I thought this is worth mentioning as it's something Charlie Taffe could not correct, but Marcel obviously has kept these guys in line and deserves credit for this.

The way Marcel carries himself around the team, may I suggest a new nickname(if he doesn’t have one yet).

“The LittleR General” :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Its only an accurate comparison of coaches when the rosters are the same. But you're right MB deserves credit . Its a sure sign players are buying-in and believing.

I think not having Adriano Belli on the team helps a bit too.

  • paul

Don't be surprised to see MB in the running for COY again this year.And he might take it home this year.