DID YOU JUST see that? Your plays of the week?

My choice would be this play.


In the ARGO/OTTAWA game the ARGOS try a double reverse , and it seens to be going nowhere. BRUCE , will be hit with a loss.....but at the last second he THROWS the ball to a wide open PALMER....34 YARDS , down field . This play didn't look like it was planned. 1st down ARGOS....... :smiley:

What play would your play of the week? :smiley:

My play of the week would have to be when Reggie Hunt intercepted the ball then while on the way down with it BC Slotback Jason Clermont reached over top of him and ripped it out for a BC completion. Just great athletacism and concentration by Clermont, all though the argo play sounds better i just didnt get to see it.

IT IS NOT ABOUT WHICH is BETTER.......just what you saw that TURNED your football crank.

I agree with you hellothere, I watched every single minute of all the games this week and i think the bruce to palmer play was the most exciting and entertaining.

Green2thebone I agree, that was the play of the week.

It was one amazing play

Between the 2, I would go with the Bruce-Palmer play, largely because I didn't see the Clermont play.
Riders Rule!!!!

I like it that you are still saying Riders Rule argofan4life. It really feels good doesn't it. I mean the bet is done now, but you can go on cheering for the Riders if you would like. We accept conversions.

Billy: The name, my friend, is Argofan4life. It is NOT changing to Riderfan4life. I just felt that since I haven't posted for a couple of days that I might owe a couple of more payments on the debt. Didn't want anybody to think I was dodging my debt. Besides, I have no hatred toward the Riders.

Go Riders!!!