Did you go to the Vanier Cup?

I'm interested in your experiences.

I'm on the Vanier Cup Advisory Board and I'd love to hear any and all comments, positive AND/OR negative.

Did you go if you bought a ticket as part of a Grey Cup combo? Would you have gone if it hadn't have been in the package.

If you didn't go, why not? What would make you go in the future?

What was your in-stadium experience like...pros and cons.

Any interest in going to the game in Hamilton? Would you go if it was in Montreal next year?

Again, honesty is the key here....

Post here or PM me, either way I'd REALLY appreciate honest responses and I'll take them with me when our meeting is held.


Went to the Vanier and enjoyed it, was planning on buying 2 tickets but got some free at the KT Tunstall concert Thursday night at the Kool Haus. A record company selling CD's was parked outside KH and was giving some away as a promotional thing. BTW, if you ever have a chance to hear this Scottish gal live, do it, what a great concert she put on. If you like alternative type pop.

Stadium experience excellent and really like it was added onto the GC although doing this every year means college stadiums that are good in their own right miss out or stadiums like IWS that are not "Grey Cup standard".

I will go next year in Hamilton for sure and maybe Montreal. I do think though that stadiums no larger than IWS are best with the turnouts expected for Vanier Cups. I wish Canada supported this event more but I guess a lot of people don't think college football is ranked important in universities here because we don't have a full fledged scholarship system like the US therefore they think the talent is crap. Not the case at all IMHO.

BG and I went to the Vanier Cup as well and for the most part, it was a pleasant football experience. Tickets were redeemed from the vouchers given at the kickoff bash.

The game was entertaining, the crowd was lively, and the experience was enjoyable. My only complaint was the number of fans (especially the varsity crowds) who sat wherever they felt they wanted to. When we arrived, we cleared out a whole row of fans who came together - two of whom were sitting in our seats. Afterward, the row above us cleared out for a family that had purchased those seats. However, it was still a good experience.

I would definitely go to the next Vanier Cup, but to reiterate what Earl said about the venue, it would seem a little more enjoyable if it were a smaller stadium than Roger's. IWS's capacity would be perfect, and the more intimate experience would no doubt be worthwhile. Perhaps that would serve as a more effective deterrent to fans who think they can sit anywhere. All in all, a great time! I look forward to it again.

As my better half said, we enjoyed the experience apart from the beer spilled by the unwelcome squatters in our seats (but that it not anything you can control). It was my first CIS game (yeah I know) and it was definately something I'd do again.

If I'm being honest, I probably wouldn't have gone if it weren't during GC week because I had no interest in either team. I would definately go again if it were in Hamilton. Probably wouldn't go if it were in Montreal because odds are I won't be going to GC next year. It is a great idea to package them together though. It gives lazy people like me a chance to experience it and it lets the kids play for a large crowd.

couldn't make it, but i did catch some on tv, Great job by the Score covering CIS football,(Highlighted by a great peace on Canadian QB,s) IMO people don't realize how good CIS is, I will be there next year when its back in Hamilton, i agree CFL should work with CIS in promoting Canadian football-

I was at the Vanier and enjoyed the game and atmosphere. I had two tickets like everyone who purchased their GC tickets early. However, I gave them to two memebers of the family and told them I could just pick up another ticket as the game wasn't sold out. To my surprise the lower bowls were all sold out friday afternoon, so I had to spend 30 bucks for a ticket in the 500 level (and I'm scared of heights) lol
But it was a good experience, sat with a nice Saskatchewan family as well as St. Mary's students. A little dismayed at all the empty but paid for seats in the lower levels.
The level of play in the CIS has improved dramatically IMO over the years. The top teams in the country are good football teams now.
I probably wouldn't have gone if I hadn't originally received the tickets with my GC ones. But I think I would go to another game in Toronto though at the Sky Dome.
I would like to see a Can/Am game in January instead of this International Bowl as well.
I think I forgot the question Mike. lol

My father and I didn't go to the Vanier Cup as I wanted to visit the GC parties instead (first time to GC). Had this been my second/third GC, I still don't know if we would have attended and I don't know if there is anything that can be done that would make me want to go.

As a positive, the fans I talked to enjoyed the game.

First, thanks for asking.

This was my 2nd Vanier Cup, first was in 2004 when it was at Hamilton. I enjoyed the presentation, announcer, the game was great (as is usually the case for CIS), and the crowd was alot of fun.

Downsides were minimal. Lines at the concessions were great, but at the poured beer/liquor lines were very slow. It was simply a matter of under staffing and the venue not being prepared for the size of crowd. kudos to these young ladies who worked their tails off!

We got our tickets as part of the GC ticket package, but we would have attended either way.

As far as 2008 in Hamilton-no question, we will be there. I only hope that local promotion starts earlier than in 2004, and goes to a broader audience to entice a larger crowd.

If by chance it would be moved to Montreal, so long as it would be on the same weekend, I would attend, seeing as those tickets have already been purchased.

2009 in Calgary is a no brainer, will see you there.

my second too.

Had a blast. The Score commercial was great (filmed at Ivor Wynne too), but they stopped running it after people started running on the field and taken away like criminals.

Beer lineups were enourmous. Shame on Ted Rogers and his bunch of clowns trying to run a stadium....even more shameful the consessions were a mess during Grey Cup.

Back to Vanier, best moment...posing with Russ Jackson wearing a Forbidden Website button and Russ saying "give me one of those, I'm a fan of your website!"

And Hoagie, good talking with you before Teenage Head....a gig for the ages...what a blast!

This was my third Vanier (first in Toronto) I would have bought tickets in the 200 level if they were available but because they were bundled with the GC there were none to be had.

I did manage to get some 200 level tickets in the end but my cash didn't go to the box office which is unfortunate.

There should have been an opt out option or some kind of ticket sell back process so the real fans of the Vanier could have a chance to see the game from good seats...not to mention if the lower two decks were filled in with the people that were sitting in the 500 level it would have looked better on TV and you wouldn't have had to pay to staff the 500 deck.

It is also unfortunate that a local team (Ontario or Quebec) wasn't in it. That surely hurt the attendance, Atlantic and Canada West is the nightmare scenario when the game is in Central Canada. Since the playoff format rotates the venue of Vanier should be determined so that atleast there is a chance for a regional team.

I had a good time but I liked the event at Ivor Wynne better. SkyDome is a terrible place to watch a football game, and there isn't a bad seat in Ivor Wynne! Not to metion football in Novemeber is meant to be played outside.

football, have you been to the RC for a baseball game? I find it a much better venue for football than baseball, it looks more like a football stadium even if it wasn't designed for it as the main purpose, nor baseball for that matter.

Man that Henry injury was something nasty!I hope he gets well in the future! Good game ,good turn out, good seats!Cant beat that eh?

Man that Henry injury was something nasty!I
Worst injury that I've ever seen. 4 of us ended up buying scalper tickets for the lower bowl, west side, and it happened right in front of us.

Why does everyone say it's a bundle or combo deal, the tickets were given away free and i didn't use mine. I think more fans would have showed if the game was on Saturday.

Turning over the stadium, plus Saturday walkthroughs probably had something to do with it.

"Purchased" the tickets with my GC's and Honestly, I was disappointed with the whole "Vanier Cup" experience.
I sat through the entire 1st half and really didn't feel any "Football fever" in the building. Sure there were cheers and the "big ouch" but I found the fans fairly subdue.
The game was a fairly easy read and our group basically called the game before the game. We left at Half time pretty unentertained and uninterested. For once I can actually and honestly say the "Canadian University" game is a very, very very, far cry from the caliber and excitable fan base energy of the NCAA. ( M Go Blue )
However, Congrats to the Bisons but more importantly I won't be back and if I can get out of paying for tickets to a Vanier cup if it's combo'd again .......I will.