Did you get any CFL souvenirs under the tree this year?

I myself got an official CFL game ball, a Casey Printers autographed jersey and a Ti-Cats sideline hoodie. What did you get?

I got a Grand Rapids Griffins shirt!

Sadly no cool CFL gear though (

i got a blue bomber hoodie, and tree onraments, i also bought my old man a big bomber flag and GC tshirt. I consider my official as a gift cuz i won from the rogers player of the game text contest and got it earlier this month

I bought a couple of caps and t-shirts as gifts. I'm somewhat interested in getting an Argo license plate for my car, but it can wait.

Got a Wilson coloured Renegades football to go along with my Cats and Argos ones for the rec room. A collectors item!

Got the 2008 set of CFL cards. Very nice looking, much better than the jogo but it looks like there cut bad - the pictures are off centre so you have another team's borders overlapping. Still, pretty happy with the gift.

I got a riders grey cup t-shirt, bumper sticker and some riders flip flops. But I already had a bunch of stuff so I think people thought I had enough. Oh and a poster of the Star-Pheonix's front-page from the day after the cup as well as the paper from that day.

Signed calendar...that was pretty cool...

I bought myself an Edmonton Eskimos t-shirt since I couldn't find a hat.

And then a few days later I bought a Peyton Manning jersey. :lol: Not CFL, but still pretty damn cool!

Two books.

Going Deep....Matt Dunnigans story.
The Water Boy.. Bobby Ackles story.

(Both were on my "Wish List"! )

Nothing under the tree, but I did buy myself a couple of Esks shirts at the Locker sale at the beginning of the month, and a tuque a couple weeks ago. I did buy my Dad a pewter replica of the Grey Cup with the Riders' championship logo on it and put that under the tree (he's a Saskatchewan-raised Rider Prider of course!)

Both good books Sporty. I bought them a while back so I guess that counts :=D

Great post! I got a great book on the the history of the Montreal Als! It is a great history book on the Als (it details all of their seasons). It is by Pierre Turbis and Pierre Bruneau. The isbn number is 978-2-7619-2009-4
The book is good at explaining CFL football through 1946 to today. Even Eskimos fans will find stats and pics in this book they do not have. It is an encyclopedia for the CFL. I don't know if it has been translated in english, but it should be!

It is a masterpeice. The CFL should promote it more...

I must state that my second favorite team is the Green Riders. When MTL did not have a team, the Riders were my team. If I were to receive an official Riders shirt for Christmas, I would wear it poudly! Even at Molson Stadium.

even at molson stadium versing the green riders???

also got the Dunnigan book. Finished it last night actually. Pretty good read. Doesn't get into too much detail, but talks about a lot of stuff. Sure has a hate on for some in the Calgary media though. wow.

Yes Billy, he wont be subscribing to the Calgar Herald anytime soon!

Next up....Bobby Ackles...the Waterboy!

It wasn’t exactly under the tree but I bought myself a game worn Dan Comisky jersey (for $300 it was my xmas present to myself). But I bought my wife a bunch of Riders Grey Cup championship stuff.