Did You Cry??

i don tknow about you guys but i dont care i had to make a thread on this. that press confrence was brutal!
sitting there watching my two favorite players growing up as a kid, say there last words as ticats. it was painful, i remeber watching rob since i was around 9 or 10 years old! ive had his jersey for years and now its time to hang em up, anyways my point here is it was tough to watch.

now im man enough to admit i cried when i watched this video and watched two of the greatest ticats go out like class acts.

Did You? Dont Lie!

I wasn't crying - I had something in my eye...really

I cried when I heard Tom Pate had died in 1975. I was just 10 years old at the time.

This wasn't life and death on the field.

I felt a mixture of sadness and admiration -- sadness for the event but admiration for how classy Hitch and Mike were in what had to be tough circumstances. No bitterness. Just thanks to Hamilton and for the opportunity to play football here.

It crystallized for me the end of an era (the last link to he 1999 team). Friday's game is the first page of a new chapter.

Oski Wee Wee,

I was going to, but then I had to go eat supper.

When I went back I remembered that it was two football players being released.

Then I went back to my life.


8) NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pro sports is not worth crying over.

Almost The Pain in Eyes of thouse Men.
Hard not too but I held off..

Yes, I cried. It was like Niagara Falls. Life will never be the same because Moreale and Hitchcock aren’t playing for the Ticats any more. How will I go on? Ivor Wynne is nothing but a dark void to me now. Oh, woe is me!

I’ve got to go iron my skirt now.

If You Knew these men well ..
Then Crying or Close to it is okay IMO.
If your a Causal Fan then Maybe you should not cry.
They are Great Guys and Great Friends.

I didn't cry but it was sad to see these to great ticats go.I did get angry though when I saw the smug look on Marcel's face.It was obvious Marcel never played football.He didn't know the felling of giving your blood swet and tears to a team for 13 years.

Have You Ever Spoke to Marcel Personaly?

If not you should .. Everytime I speak to him
I gain more and More Respect for the Game with in the Game
Going on Football Called Football Ops.
He may not have played football
But HE dose understand the game very Well.

I think it is absolutely a disgrace to cut these guys. Maas sucked last year and we keep him here. so much for wanting to compete again this year. way to go Ticats. :cry:

That was Last year ..By the way it over ..
Turn the page new Season..
Maas Has Chang Nipping at this Heels
He is being Pushed for the 1st in a Ticat Uniform.
Maas Will Respond to the Challage or Lose his job

Onknight I haven spoke to him since we played peewee football in Burlington

Cry? Me as a fan. No, I don’t think so.

While I like both players and respect what each of them brought to the team and community, I think me crying over this release is a bit over the top.

I can understand the emotion that Rob and Mike had on this day.

I was surprised at how choked up Scott and Charlie were at the press conference. That shows me how difficult this decision was for them and how much the organization really cares for Rob and Mike.

Mike and Rob MAY have lost half-a-step, but the Ticats just lost the heart and soul of their team. To lose one character player is hard to take--------but to lose two on a club looking to rebound from disaster is a recipe for chaos. I wish the Cats well, but if this gamble doesn’t work this will be my last year for season’s tickets. I don’t really get a good feeling about the direction of the club.


if the heart and soul of these 2 guys is gonna be the difference between winning and losing (as you all seem to think), then why have the past 2 seasons with them been horrible?
Contrary to popular belief, heart and soul dont win football games. Football skills (combined with some heart and passion) win football games.
These guys couldnt cut it anymore on the field. Its not anyones fault, its just life.
Many of you bleed black and gold and are very passionate about the Ticats...why arent you on the team? Cuz you have no football skills, thats why.
Heart is important, but without the necessary skills, it doesnt win football games.

LOL .. this is just funny .. I cant cry for two men who have had dreams come true. Outlasting most others, Men playing boys games, I can only smile for thier good fortune in life. Good luck to these two young men so blessed so far in life.
PS. If the cats are wrong dont worry they will play somewhere. But .... IMO time says move on.

My wife has had several love making sessions with Hitch and hasn’t shed a tear over it.
Good grief guys , get over it.

BTW , all of those sessions were in her dreams. :wink: