Did we Over Pay for a Avon

was on Scratching post Blog Today ..
RB Avon Cobourne invokes the Buddha in response to #Als GM Popp (and audio of what he actually said.) The Scratching Post: #Ticats RB Avon Cobourne invokes the Buddha in response to #Als GM Popp (and audio of what he actually said.)

Pop said Avon was 3rd Highest paid back in League he wanted to Highest paid Running back
He was Knee and Ankle Problems ..

I Never like this signing cause we history of Not getting right with FA Running backs
Remember Corey Holmes & Josh Ranek Both where great backs till they got in black and Gold .
They where Awful here.. Both could not stay Healthy
Avon already has Problems staying Healthy.
Is this not problem we have with Lumsden

I Feel we could have got just as good a Back or Better Via Free Agent Camps in the US.
Plus you don't have Over Pay for Back who is Past his Prime..
I hope am Wrong about Avon and he and Kevin Lead us to a Grey Cup In November
But History has shown us Other wise.

I'll bet you're the type of guy who stops at a green light 'cause you think it might turn red.

Maybe labour day against Montreal won't be so bad after all? I feel a rivalry coming on here, first Dwight Anderson now Jim Popp. I hope it continues too, keep giving Cobourne more motivation to get back at his old team.

Ok that is just plain hilarious. lol.

If MTL genuinely believed Avon was past his prime then they would have gladly released him, moved on and couldn't have cared less who signed him afterwards.

But months after the signing and MTL is still talking about it suggests some sour grapes and resentment in being made to look cheap in letting him walk away . Popp's cheapshot at Avon in an attempt to devalue him and HAM's signing is unprofessional and classless.
There is way more to this story than we're being told.

You should apply for the GM job, you seem to be very negative with what this team does Tom, Avon was a great pick-up.
It also take more then Kevin and Avon to win the cup. Last time i look this was a TEAM effert, but saying that, Avon will be a major contruibuter to this! You should discuss this with Avon when you see him at camp, maybe he could use the great wisdom you have! :lol:

I do agree on that point ..
Also it will Make Labour day a Sell out in Last Labour day at IWS #1

I will not talking to players as offen as Use to Bruce .
I am trying get away from being just a Fanatical Ticat Fan
I will be Now Restarting BGR as a Twitter Only Feed.
It will have my Thoughts on What team is doing
I Rather Be Critic then Just a Fan

When a Player a Coach a Team President makes a Mistake
I want to call him on it
I can't do that if I am their Friend.

None of us will know if we over paid for him until the upcoming season is underway..

Personally I think Cobourne will play like a man possessed this season because of all these doubters.. Montreal didn't want to pay him the money he thinks he is worth so be it.. I look at it this way, we signed a CFL and 2 time East Division All-Star running back that has put up 900+ yards rushing in each of his past 3 seasons on a pass heavy Montreal team..

So to all those critical "fans" out there I hope the ban wagon isn't moving too fast for you when you try and jump on. :lol:

None of us will know if we over paid for him until the upcoming season is underway..
Ditto 8)

-also-----(see performance of Arland Bruce as a Tiger-Cat)

It's the same every year.Stala was never supposed to last more than 3-4 games or even crack the roster for that matter, Bruce was going to be a cancer that destroyed our locker room and was a mediocre player at best, etc.Why don't we give these guys a chance before we chop them down?


You all have a Point ..Looking forward to knowing forsure..

Avon is a proven back and for his position, he's pretty durable. Not many full-time RBs in this league play a full 18 games a year. He's still in his prime and should be for a couple more years at least. He's a great addition to the team.

An Argo-Cat fan

Tom, is there anything about this team you feel good about? Bad draft, bad FA signings, bad new coaches, bad not signing weaker teams' cast offs, etc.

I fail to see why Popp is unprofessional and classless. Avon hasn't been shy about discussing contract negotiations -- why should Popp? Popp hasn't said anything negative about Avon. He never disparaged Cobourne's ability. He just noted that Avon wanted to be the highest-paid running back in the league. That's all.

Avon is going to be a great fit in Hamilton if he can avoid injury.

Well, Popp is no dummy as we know. As in any league, money is a huge issue and Popp didn't see AC as worth what he was after for whatever reason.

And Cobb put up over 1000 yards in each of past two seasons on a pass heavy Ticats team.

I really hope you're right that he's a trade up over what we had, that Cobourne can manage to run through the smaller holes that our line provides. Xm

I would respectfully disagree that Cobb had 2 good seasons, yes he got over 1,000 yards last year but he did not have a good season last year.
Our running game last year was terrible with Cobb as the feature back.
It was frustrating to watch the routine of get the handoff,stop, and get creamed.
I know it was the poor play calling, or poor blocking,or poor execution of the play but alot of the problem was Cobb's hesitation at the line, looking for a non existant hole instead of plowing forward and create your own hole especially on 2nd and short.
I truly expect Avon to be much better!

Couldn't have said it better myself Grover.Stats are very very misleading.For example, McDaniel's receiving yards/Td's are impressive for a guy that's supposed to be 3rd on the import depth chart, however he does drop quite a few footballs.