Did We Get Out-Coached Again?

The predictable first down run up the middle killed most drives.

The zone defence got picked apart.

Armstead hasn’t produced on special teams. Special teams haven’t produced anything all year.

Yup, I'm looking forward to some changes in the assistants for 2008. They need to go after a Cortez or a Stubler - coaches with CFL experience. (I dont think the current assistants have learned much into the 14th game of the season.)

In one word ... 'Yes'.

I've said it before - on this board, and now I'll say it, yet again ....

... this coaching staff, appears to be clearly in ...

... 'Over their Heads'. (in my opinion)

The coaching seems to get more pathetic and more predictable, with each passing week.

I just don't think they get it.

I suspect and hope that changes are coming!

Charles Biggest Mistake was Going for it on 3rd down with 3 mins left

Always... Coach T and his staff are garbage and have been all year. The players have finally caught up to them and are exposing them for the numb skulls they are. A 3rd down gamble? Highschool!

Because it was the coaches fault that we had 2 major plays clled back cos of penalties, or it's their fault that there were how many dropped balls?

bigget mistake was not putting williams in.

Printers did not look that bad. like I said too many drops and bad penalties. You can't really blame Printers for this one.

Printers was fine. The predictable first and ten run up the middle was the problem.

Taffe Apple has a worm in it…

We get it. You're jealous that we got Printers and BC didn't. Life goes on, pal. Get over it.

I think we definitely need to change the D coordinator next year, as well as the special teams coach. On O, you can make a case that we just don't have talented enough players to succeed there yet. But on D, a busted coverage that gives up a wide open TD in one of the last games of the season is unforgivable, as is the total lack of blocking on kick returns. Bye bye Al Bundy and Easley. Hello Denny Cheehan and ???????

Cats just need a good import reciever and some DB's that can cover.

Blame the coaches for this idiotic decision.
We marched up the field on Montreal penalties alone.
Why, with less than 2 minutes to go would you gamble on 3rd and 10 when we could have kicked a field goal and closed the scoring gap to a touchdown. Seems to me it would have been better to gamble for the tying touchdown but the dumb decision to "go for it" on 3rd and 10 meant we needed the TD AND a field goal. Not likely given the time remaining.

are you kidding me? I never wanted him back. Very happy with Buck and JJ.

Be very happy to have Williams as well. Trade you DD for him.

I think at this stage is the season it's a go for broke attitude. By going for it you show your team you trust them and it helps builds confidence.

We lost by 8 points. We needed a TD + 2pts to tie the game. A field goal at that point in the game was totally worthless.

Going for it was the right call. Not running a 10 yard rout was a wrong call. But to call the offense "high school" over an obvious good call is just ignorant.

Find something else to complain about.

Lousy play calling aside...

On 3rd and 10, down by 8...you take the 3.

You need two scores to win.

This team is 2 and forever. Take the three to set yourself up for the win on a mere TD on your next possession. Failing to take the three left us the unenviable task of scoring a TD and getting the two point convert...to TIE.

Bad call.

On the other hand, a FG or a missed 3rd down both mean you still need a TD.
At least on the missed 3rd down Montreal starts around their own 10 yard line. If your defence can get a stop, you'll get the ball near midfield with about 1:30 - 2:00 left. Or Montreal takes a safety to put you within 6 but give you further to go (although I doubt they would have done this.)
A FG gives them the ball on the 35 and makes you go that much further if you get the ball back.

The D never got the immediate stop they needed. And the offence didn't even make one first down. So in the end the decision didn't matter.

We ran very well again. Over 100 yards and just like last week people complain about the run game. I don't get it.

Our passing game was 15 for 39, 0 TDs and 2 ints. That's what cost us the game. Not the run.

What I would like to know is why does are punt and kick return game absolutely s**k? It doesn't matter who we put back there....there's no protection or blocking for our returner. Do our players know or realize that they're supposed to block the opposing players from getting downfield? You wouldn't think so to watch.