Did We Beat The Record?

For most games in a row without a passing TD?
Actually I don't know what it is, anyone?

if we haven't yet we have to be pretty damn close

I think the Wasaga Beach Norsemen holds the record, but that was before forward passes were allowed.

I'm surprised it hasn't been brought up on the broadcasts.

Who cares, we're scoring, I dont care how we get the points anymore.

I find their broadcasts are always lacking in the research department, they just don't do their homework.

It does make a difference though. Calvillo alone has like 15 td passes this season. We have none.

Yep, I was so happy to hear TSN had got all of CBC's games. But I realize now they were only good in comparison. I'm sure the broadcast will freeze up with 2 seconds to go in a tied up Grey Cup this year.

I never said it didn't make a difference. We're all frustrated with the lack of production but we're scoring and honestly if we were winning no one would care that we arent scoring through the air. It's just one more thing to complain about a losing team.

Maybe Kenny will tell us in his next 700 articles. Peters seems to take up at least a paragraph reminding the readers ad nauseum about "not beating so and so since 2002, 2003" etc etc.

Blah, blah, blah.

Scoring by air doesn't matter, just scoring.

Most of the time, people ask how many...not how.

It seems like we are producing but we're still last in the league in offence.

That's the lack of big plays. We are a dink and dunk offence. I dont exactly like but again, if we're winning no one care how we do it. It's a point to talk about because we're losing.

TSN might as well be radio. The announcers describe stuff you never see. The choose to show the coaches on the sideline rather than a replay.

I agree that the announcers, especially cuthbert don't do much research. I am not sure he even understands the rules of the game.

In fairness to them they do have to cover multiple games in a week, like right now they're probably on a jet flying to where ever for tomorrows game lol and Black covers about 5 diferent sports for tsn. The announcers do have to do their research but there are others who are supposed to take care of that stuff and give them this info through out a game.

Very true.. Most announcers are given their research packs. this is a TSN issue not an announcer issue.

TSN...anyway. I wasn't actually complaining. I really am curious as to what the record is for games played without a passing touchdown.
Which is why I asked only what the record was, and if we had beat it!

Remember when we didn't score any touchdowns for something like a month? At least we're scoring them on the ground.