did U2 accidently save the cfl, whoa Bono can do anything!

when theyt pushed the allouettes into molson stadium..its true from that point on it was all uphill for the cfl.

And perhaps the Wiggles in Toronto proving that the Argos were 2nd class citiziens (probably still are) at the RC and may end up playing in the new soccer/football stadium at Exhibition Place one day.

do you think that U2 and the wiggles have ever been mentioned in the same discussion before?? yeah i guess they are similar???

I don't know, different situations for sure but similarities here also. IMHO, no CFL team should have to be 2nd class citizens in their own city in the park they play at for anything, especially a rock concert, a kids group or a baseball team(of all sports, wouldn't be so bad if it was hockey), just isn't right. The Argos winning all those Grey Cups and they play in a stadium on Blue Jays Way or Drive or whatever the f'en it is called because a baseball team won 2 championships. Crappola, crappola, crappola - whether you like or detest the Argos, doesn't matter, just crappola. :evil:

tom wright , gets my vote.......

i hear wpg is planning next years half time show already. combo concert starting with u2 and ending with the wiggles. then they will have the wardrobe malfunction of u2 showing their wiggles.

I won't give U2 credit for anything other then being the most overrated band in history.

thank you that is all

A bit of a contradiction in your statement Rocket
You say they saved the CFL but it was all UPHILL after that.

i meant it was the turning point for th cfl.
and also i think bono is sexy.

Can't comment on the thred here because I don't know what you're talking about. But....U2 overrated????? I never knew that was the technical term for a band that sells out EVERYWHERE they go!

Thank you...that is all :wink:

Wasen’t he married to Cher?

U2 Rocks they are the Best Ever

U2 sucks...bono is a poser!

check this link out

[url=http://www.montrealalouettes.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=1300&KEY=&ATCLID=35999]http://www.montrealalouettes.com/ViewAr ... CLID=35999[/url]

this is old news

U2 rocks, but they destroyed the Big O by pushinfg the Al's out of a pro stadium to a small college stadium.

I like the rolling stones better!

bono is a politician POSING as a rock star....hes an old geezer who dyes his hair, and has a few 'crotch-shots' in every video, cuz he can't let go....him and coldplay's chris martin are the crappiest excuses for rockstars known to man.

Yea he also want's our tax dollars...and he'll pout untill he get's it..
To think we don't have our own poverty in Canada.
Bono is a bonehead alright...