Did u know DB Chris Thompson is one of the highest paid Esks

Did you know that Edmonton Eskimos DB Chris Thompson is one of the highest paid Edmonton Eskimos. Reports have put his cap at around $235,000-$300,000 a year. Which is CRAZY! Compared to JC Sherritt, who made around $65,000 in 2012.

*If Eric Tillman wanted to dump salary why didnt he just move Thompson and keep Ray?! That excuse is flaud!

**Even with a huge raise in 2013, Sherritt will make around $130,000 a season.

If that is the case Sherrit would be crazy to sign any kind of extension that does not see him getting 200 to 250K. If that means releasing Thompson to make Cap space then so be it. A lin J shell type move. Otherswise Sherrit will walk as a free agent in 2014 season

I doubt that he is making as much; more likely $120,000 to $130,000 at most. Not worth more. He is not even a CFL All-Star.

Which reports did you read? Yours?


What reports? Have a link?

So is your spelling. :lol:

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Sherritt isnt going to go from $65,000 to $200K+. Way too much of a raise.

Jason Gregor Podcast.

How nice would it be if the CFL were like the NFL and they actually showed or were allowed to show how much every player makes a year. I am not sure why they hide all this information...

I agree it is kind of strange that the CFL actually makes this league policy not to report players salaries.

Personnally, I don't care to know how much a players makes/earns. Keep it as is! Based on SMS I do know that the average player salary is $81,000.


Factor this in: The CFL Salary Cap is $2.45 Million. 42 active man roster. Average (you say) is $81,000. thats $3.402 Million. Thats over the cap.. Average salary is $50,000-$56,000 a season.

Get the real facts. SMS was $4,350,000. in 2012 and will be no less than $4,400,000. in 2013.


Not surprising, but Richard wins this one.


Thank you MadJack; furthermore CFLvsNFL -débutant?- does not seem to know that the active rosters are 46 players,not 42; yes,only a maximum of 42 players can dress/play,but the other 4 players on reserve are paid; while there are 46 active players, the salaries of players on 1 game injury list are part of/applied against the SMS,contrary to players on 9 games injury list;finally, amounts paid to players on practice rosters are also part of/applied against the SMS or Salary Management System.

Taking all these numbers into account,i.e. 46 players on active rosters,a season average of 4.5 players on 1 game injury list and a season average of 2.5 equivalent players on practive rosters,I come/came to an average of 53 players per Team. Note: Players on practice rosters receive roughly an average of $700.00 to $800.00 a game/week; since there can be as many as 12 players on practice rosters for 4 weeks,in the fall, and 7 for rest of season,explains how I have a season average /season equivalent of 2.5 players. By the play, when the League distribute Post-Season Compensation to Teams in playoffs,this distribution is based on 53 players; for instance,Toronto received $1,219,000 or $23,000 x53; Calgary $795,000 or $15,000 x 53,BC and Montreal $371,000 each Team or $7,000 x 53 and Saskatchewan and Edmonton received $180,000 for each Team or $3,400 x 53. In total the League distributed $3,116,200.00 to the 6 Teams in playoffs. Teams then pay there players.

When I come/ came with an average of $81,000 per player, it is/ was based on total Cap of $4,350,000.00 in 2012, divided by 53,which gives an average of $82,075. I rounded it to $81,000, knowing that Teams don't have to spend the whole amount. It could be higher or lower,but it is in the vicinity of $80,000.00. Based on this average and taking into account Post Season Compensation, Toronto players averaged roughly $104,000 in 2012,Calgary players $96,000 and so on.

Sorry for the length of my details,but it is important to have the real/exact facts.

Have a nice day.


I believe that a practice squad players salary does not count towards the cap. If a player on the practice roster is paid more then the standard practice roster salary that extra pay that is above the practice squad set salary counts towards the Cap.
For example if the practice roster salary for a player is $750 and that player is given $1000 then only that $250 is counted towards the cap.

Players salaries do count against the cap, whether a player is paid $500.00 a week/game or $1,500.00 a week/game.There is no such thing as a standard practice roster salary.

In last year off-season, there was an agreement in principle,amongst GMs, to set the practice roster number/max.players at 12 from 7; it was finally not in place/accepted, because the League refused to increase the cap by more than the minimum $50,000. as per Collective Agreement. No more monies/funds,no more increase in practice players.


As per Section 14.09 of the CFL Collective agreement-Salary Management System- we read: "salary expenditures cap for players shall not include compensation paid to players with respect to pre-season compensation,compensation paid to Players named on the Nine GameInjury List and compensation to Players on the Practice Roster in excess of 7 Players per member Club". In other words,the 7 Players on Practice Roster count against the salary cap expenditures; only the excess over 7 don't count. Why? Because Teams are allowed to have "Junior Players" on Practice Rosters; in 2012,BC and Sask. had such players. Andrew Harris,RB of BC,was once on the BC roster as a Junior/above the 7 players limit. This player was never drafted; he went directly to BC practice roster to BC active roster.


These players over the limit of 7 on practice rosters that don't count against the cap are: Territorial Exemptions. Some of these players are/were:
Steven Doege DL Okanagen Sun (Jrs) On practice roster of BC in 2012. Above the limit of 7.
Clayton Cooke WR Regina Thunder JRS. On Sask. practice roster in 2012. Above the limit of 7.

Compensation to these players did not count against the 2012 cap.

Other players that were also above limit of 7, in 2010 and 2011; all on Sask. practice roster.

Dan Clark G Regina Thunder.
Zach Evans DT Regina Thunder
Craig Newman LB Saskatonn Hilltops Jr.

To summarize: Players on practice rosters,except territorial exemptions in excess of practice roster limit of 7, count against the cap.


Richard Veilleux, congrats on being right. I was told wrong by some very important people around the media. I will make sure to bring it up next time i see them lol.

Thanks for the correct information.