Did TSN live up to your expectations?

Just wondering if I am the only one that was disappointed with the coverage and presentation of TSN? I thought that now that they were "exclusive" they would have put a little more into it for this year. Make it a little bit more splashy, added more personalities etc. Peronally if I have to hear Suitor's voice one more game I might shoot myself. Not that he does a bad job, I just can't listen to the same 4 voices over and over. What are your thoughts?

I had very low expectations, so yes they did. :wink:

I'm more upset with the scheduling than with the actual broadcasts (although some of the commentary and camera work was worse than Cable 14).

I would love to give you an opinion but I missed the games because like alot of fans i work Saturdays. So i will miss the division finals too.If that was tsn’s idea to move the games to Saturday then i guess you do have my opinion.

I thought they did a great job. It was nice not to hear Chris Walby butcher the English Language.

Duane Forde stepped in and did a good job.

The broadcasts by TSN were fine. It was the teams (Argos and Cats) that stank!! Combined, they wouldn't have had a .500 season.

An Argo-Cat fan

Hmm Yes and no..

The Main Crew for play by play is good
Rob Black I can't stand.. ford is good .
TSN Panel is Awful There too pro Toronto..
The scheduling is not good ...
The Production Vaules are great
All the Games in HD

I give them 6 out of 10 and hope they step up

Same here. I enjoy the broadcasts but was just disappointed that both Ontario teams did so poorly.
But for the most part Hamilton was much more exciting too watch.

Yes, I thought TSN did a great job. Did the best they could do with the budget they have....compared to the NFL.

Ford is good. I remember the late Printers hit from last game. You could really hear the passion and emotion in his voice. A true CFL'er.

I agree with pretty much everything you said but I will up my mark to a 7.5 out of 10 simply because they televised every game in 08. I think its the first time in CFL history that EVERY game was televised.

Plus the video on demand they offer on their web site is great if you missed a game or just want to see one again.

I've grown tired of the studio setting for the panel.
The game atmosphere is lost,they try to be lively and get into the game ,I'd prefer to see them at the game like CBC does.
Give us more atmosphere ,less of the sterile perfection.

Good topic.
I thought overall TSN did a good job covering the CFL. :thup:
It's presented way better than the CBC ever did. The technical work is good, the play by play was quite good and Glen Suitor and Dwayne Ford are good analysts.
I also like the well-produced promos spots they play during the week.
My only problem is the panel. Chris Schultz is excellent but I sense too much friction between Matt Dunegan and Jock Clymie which takes something away from their individual contributions.

Cuthbert, Suitor, Forde are all excellent...but give Rob Black the hook...so many miscalls..ie. at Montreal "this fieldgoal will be an 'automatic' for Montreal" as the ball clearly sails wide of the post!! Let Rob Black stick to curling.

The TSN football presentation is by far the best that I've experienced in Canada in the past 50 years of broadcasting.Matt Dunnigan and Chris Schultz have gotten better and better each season.Climie and Randorf are real pros.Duane Ford was a great addition and should be the feature analyst.He tells you "stuff"that you didn't know while Suitor tries to do his Madden impression without the same results. Another feature of the TSN coverage is the TSN2 replay of the game.After most home games this year,I returned to my home and viewed the game again.It's about pain and punishment(probably Freudian).
Having every game televised shows the network commitment and the fact that the playoffs and Grey Cup are also covered by the same network is great for the viewer.I can't get enough of the TSN coverage and as a TiCat fan I look forward to a better product on the field in 2009.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My main complaint was the fact that there was too much talking, interviews etc taking place when the ball was in play. I found it frustrating to see a face and hear comments that had nothing specifically to do with the play on the field. I miss seeing both teams line up. It is interesting to see how both teams approach each other before the snap of the ball. The worst sin by TSN was missing actual plays when the above noted stuff was in focus.

I found the Schultzie, Climie, Dunnigan group consistantly entertaining. The play by play and color was inconsistant. Obviously the Als were fun to watch, and despite their record the Cats were in a lot of good games this year.

Most of all though, I loved watching the Argos. It was almost impossible NOT to watch them in the same way that one peeks at a bad car wreck…

Like most I don't have a problem with the overall broadcast package but yes...Mr. Black needs to either be replaced or trained in the art of broadcasting football.

The panel is great...but the odd time Jock comes off a tad arrogant.

Brian Williams brings a lot of veteran savvy to the brodcasts as well.

No Walby is perhaps the biggest asset TSN has going for them.

Rod Black doesnt do curling.