DId they get rid of the no yards rule?

On the Edm punt, they were will within 5 yards, no flag!
Now on Calgary's punt, again well within 5 yards and again no flag

Typical crappy reffing is all.

Gawd I hate listening to Brian Hall, someone, ANYONE please kill me now

That is what I was getting at :lol:

Did I mention I hate blacked out games :cry:

Can anyone tell me if the Stamps are wearing those hideous looking gold pants?

Black pants

:thup: Merci

Ya thats right your stuck in St Albert you poor stamp fan. What did you deserve to be stuck in football hell.

Just lucky I guess :slight_smile: I do manage to make most of the Stamp games when they play here but couldn't get to this one due to a bum knee.

Its funny I've been a Stamp fan since I was 7 yo but I have yet to see a game at McMahon Stadium. Pretty sad I know. I would have given my right arm to have been there last night right in the middle of all the Smoe fans just dancing a jig at the end of the fourth. :rockin: