did they change the rules?

so i have noticed this the last few games, Cates runs out of bounds over 6 minutes left in the game the clock still runs? whats with that i seen this a few times recievers running out of bounds and the clock still runs? nobody notice? this i think the time keeper is horrible along with the refs this year. The clock should not start until the snap of the ball

the guys who are taking care of the clock? they've been messing up over and over.

I believe stop time in the CFL is the last 5 minutes per half. If they dont get a first down in run time, the clock keeps running.

Only after the 3 minute warning. Before the 3 minute warning, the clock doesn't stop much. It's supposed to stop on an incomplete pass or out of bounds and not start until the ball is placed. Depends a lot on the mood of the timekeeper sometimes.

As I said in the other thread, it's running the clock at the 3 minute warning that's bothered me today. In Edmonton, the ONE play after the 3 minute warning used 46 seconds. In BC, 39 seconds. The final 3 minutes is supposed to be longer than that. It's the NFL that plays with the 2 minute warning.

5 minutes? hahahaha

The clock on TV often doesn't start right away so it runs for a couple of seconds after the play stops to co-ordinate with the game clock? I think thats what you are referring to?

gotta learn the 3 minute rules guys.

clock doesn't start till the snap of the ball when:

  • incomplete pass
  • catch, goes out of bounds
  • change of possession
  • penalty

clocks runs

  • complete pass or run and stays inbounds
  • first down
  • player takes a knee

The clock on the bottom band is TSN’s clock, not the official clock…it is often off by a second or two.

The clock keeps running in the CFL unless there is an incompletion or they run out of bounds. In the final 3 minutes of each half, the clock stops after each play while they re-spot the ball.

XVYS has it right - 3 minutes is when stop time begins ...


Article 3 – Time Out
Time shall start when the ball is touched following the kickoff at the start of a half,
or after a scoring play, and shall continue until the ball is ruled dead and an official
signals to the timekeeper that time shall stop for any of the following reasons:
• When a score has been made
• When the ball goes Out of Bounds
• When a forward pass is incomplete
• For the application of penalties
• For player substitution
• For delay caused by player injury
• When time expires at the end of each period
• When the ball becomes dead after the three-minute warning has been given in
any half
• When a player requests a team timeout
• For a convert attempt during the last three minutes of a half
• When the Referee deems it necessary to suspend play.
If in any period the ball becomes dead with only a short period of time remaining, the
team in possession shall be entitled to one complete play even though that play may
extend beyond the normal termination of that period.
If a touchdown is scored on the last play of a period, the period shall be extended to
include the convert attempt.