Did the Vanier Cup turn you into a CIS fan?

I've been a big CIS fan for a few years now, i'm wondering if this years Vanier Cup will open the doors for new fans.

every time i try to get into the CIS, im am turned off by the many many dropped passes and overall sloppy play.
i give it a try a couple times each season, and find the overall quallity of football to be very poor.

perhaps someday that will change. but currently, the gap between quality of CFL and CIS is just to big for me to enjoy the CIS.

considering that a majority of the teams are awful. look at some teams that haven't done squat in years, especially out in the Ontario and Atlantic divisions.

and then you get teams out west (who in my opinion are in the best division of all 4)

I only really follow the CIS west. Saskatchewan, Regina, Calgary, UBC, Manitoba and Alberta tends to be the best division as far as competition goes.

Alberta hasn't had too many good seasons lately but that's usual for most divisions.

you look out in the Ontario Division and who's been on or near the bottom year after year?

Waterloo (ya they came back after a 1 yr suspension) was terrible.

Mt. Allison seems to never win anything (in the Atlantic division)

York, Guelph Toronto have been awful for a long time now.

then you look at the Quebec division. McGill, 0-9. it's usually a 1-2 horse race in that division.

OUA seems to have a good competitive level with the top 5 teams but then everyone else is awful.

I haven't been to a CIS game in years, majority of the time the games are just very slow.

Yeah, you forgot to mention Laval or the Champs, MacMaster.
Foo Mar has a special on crow this week CFLwhatever.
And two for one on chili dogs at the Ruby.
Dozen pickled eggs with each pitcher purchased in cash at the Legion.
Half dozen for pitchers purchased with pelts.

and what does that have to do with what I just said?

Trouble with the CIS is that not all our best football players can get into university.
There's no free passes like they get down south.
So what we have in the CIS is the best of those that can get into university.
I've always said we need a different system to develop football talent.
Becuase unless we go the Aemrican way of athletic scholarships, a lot of potential talent will fall by the wayside because they have no where to play.

A prime example of what you're talking about is Andrew Harris - he made it to the CFL through the CJFL and not the CIS.

Was at the game and found it extremely entertaining. I will probably try and attend at least 1 game at Thunderbird Stadium next year. I get the talent isn't as good as it could be but I can still be entertained.