Did the Ticats hire a new OC?

Did I miss something during the bye week?

Did the Cats hire a new Offensive Coordinator?

What I saw tonite did not look like the previous 7 games on offense.

We ran multiple formations, we threw the ball deep, we stuck with the running game, we ran screens and we even moved the pocket.

Cause Glen played IMO You can open up the playbook
Porter is still learning Glen played with this book with the Riders.

Please don't give me your bs.

The offense didn't open up anytime Glenn has come in relief.

Porter could have made all of the plays that Glenn made tonite.

Porter may not be as far along as Glenn is but you can't dumb your playbook down. Porter is a big boy and can handle everything.

I also noticed a complete change and opening up of the play book. i was impressed with the Stala throw. didn't work but easily could have worked. He threw a nice tight spiral...

Honestly, tonite showed me how well this offense could really open it up. I think Porter or Glenn are going to succeed if we keep calling plays like tonite. The only problem was some 2 and outs in the second half. We gain a couple first downs, take time off the clock and pin them deep, prevents some scoring.

Except for the fact that lining him up as the lone setback on the play, where he's never lined up before, is going to tip the other team off that something funny is up.

Sorry but Glenn was the reason. Any objective fan can see that he moves the ball far better than Porter. I didn't think we would see that this year but it's happening, so don't close your eyes to it.

I noticed a lot of holding by Ed, the refs go from calling holding on almost every play to not calling it at all. a lot of other strange calls also. :roll:

It's dangerous to start with a position and not be willing to change it even when the evidence is so overwhelming that it can't be ignored. I fear this is the problem with our coaching staff and many people on the list. We want so bad to make Porter the starter that we are ignoring how much better the team plays with Glenn. I think the coaching staff is coming around to it and would not be surprised if they say Porter's knee is still too injured to start Saturday. But, if Porter starts next game, my original fears of the coaching staff being unwilling to accept that Porter is not quite ready to take over as the starter will return.
The problem is, of course, that Porter is not bad at all and is making some progress. If he was playing as badly as Lefors or even Joseph, the decision would be real easy. But he is playing good enough to stay in as the starter. The thing is, good enough is NOT good enough when you have a guy that is better.
As OB says, "Better is better."
We need to be better to guarantee a home playoff game.
Glenn is only going to get better the more playing time he gets with these receivers.

It's not the oc's fault for the receivers Porter chose to throw to!

I always laugh when people criticize the oc when a qb throws a 5 yard pass on second and long. Are they that unknowledgable to know that there is 4 other receivers running deeper routes he could have possibly thrown to? Glenn is just so much better at reading defences and more comfortable throwing to the deeper areas in the zone layers. A perfect example would be the 2nd and 20 play Glenn converted, Porter would not have attempted that throw and probably would thrown a 5 yard pass under the coverages.

Quick question, why is the receiver running a 5 yard route on 2nd and long. That is 100% the OCs fault. The receiver runs the route that the is required on the play.

As for Porter going short on 2nd and long, our recievers have had trouble this year getting separation. It does happen once in a while that our receivers get separation.

I just saw a whole different playbook last nite. We were doing things different than we have the rest of the season.

I love the way Glenn played but not moving the ball in the 4th quarter and the 2 ints killed us. You may not like Porter but I think if Porter had played, he wouldn't have risked ints in those situations as it has been coached in him not to take chances that turn the ball over.

It's called a clearing route. Not every receiver runs 10-15 yards. You run short to bring DB's up in man coverage. This allows you to have single man coverage on your PRIMARY receiver. Once the QB makes his read he'll throw underneath if the deep man is covered. It's not your desired outcome. Better to be 3rd and 5 than 3rd and 10, for obvious reasons.

But the recievers need to run to the sticks, then turn around for the ball. Why do you think the teams leave these guys open? Cuz once they catch the ball they are on them.

It's basic football that I learned in high school. Your short routes have to run their pattern to the sticks.

3rd and 5 or 3rd and 10 makes no difference cuz you are punting anyways. If we are speaking about the NFL then I can understand.

You have to move the sticks. You have to. Guys, even if the are running a clearing route, need to run to the sticks. The line backers and DBs are right there for the immediate tackle.

Sorry but we need to go back to basics with this team. Although, I was impressed with the variety of playcalling.

I think Porter has an overall better athleticism than Glenn. Glenn reads defences and anticipates better than Porter (more experience). Porter has MUCH better arm strength (those 2 INTs were terrible floaters). Porter is a better runner than Glenn (who is no slouch). Porter has 3 wins, Glenn has one.

IF Porter is healthy, I say start him on LD, with the provisio of having a short leash.