Did the Ticats do the same at THF as the Atlanta Falcons?

With the NFL fining the Falcons for pumping in crowd noise, and, because it was unbelievably loud when our opponents were on offense at THF, I was wondering if perhaps the Cats may have pumped up the volume as well. I hope not as making noise, at the appropriate times, was one of the most enjoyable aspects of THF last year. To actually have an impact on the play made the fans more connected with the black and gold.


It's been going on for years at IWS, pumping in the crowd noise. At other stadiums too, I think it's too bad they have to do that, but too many fans are like trained seals they have to be told when to make noise or not to make noise.

If true, is it wrong for them to do so? :o

No, and I never said it was wrong. Just a fact that they do it to create excitement, especially when the play on the field gets a little dull and they need to get the crowd back into the game to help the team. When a player starts waving his hands in the air for the fans to make some noise they will pipe in noise through the PA.

Canadian Football League
Rule Book
Article 10 Crowd Noise

Sorry slimjim. I wasn't trying to put words in your mouth. I asked a general question. As the Falcons were fined for doing this it can lead one to think it might be wrong.

[url=https://frozenfootball.wordpress.com/2015/03/10/cfl-rule-that-is-better-than-the-nfl-part-2/]https://frozenfootball.wordpress.com/20 ... fl-part-2/[/url]

CFL Rule That Is Better Than the NFL Part 2

If the NFL adopted this rule, Seattle and Kansas City would stop the madness.

Article 10 – Crowd Noise
The Team A captain may request the Referee to stop the game if excessive
crowd noise prevents Team A from putting the ball into play. The Referee may
permit Team A to return to its huddle. The Referee shall allow reasonable time
but under no circumstances shall the play be delayed more than three times.

Note to Atlanta:
In the event that the home team permits in its stadium the use of either electronic
equipment or high volume loudspeakers when the visiting team is attempting to
put the ball in play, with the result that the game is delayed, the home team shall
be subject to penalty for delay of game.

Football is about the game. If you have to resort to loud noises to distract the visiting team, then your team is not very good.

So, according to this rule, it is allowed, but the generated noise can't be loud enough to cause the away team to not be able to put the ball in play.

Take that, Rider fans! :smiley:

I wonder what the fine would be if the Falcon GM was standing behind the line referee at the one yard line and screaming at him that the opposing team had a finger offside?

So its "illegal" but if the crowd is persistent enough then tough luck visiting team. Not a great rule. Seattle and KC fans would probably just get louder after each stoppage.

The CFL crowd noise rule may be the most disregarded rule in the book. It is no doubt that crowd noise at certain CFL stadiums have made it such that the visiting "Team A" has been unable to put the ball into play. This includes time-count violations and illegal procedure penalties due to crowd noise.

What seems to have been periodically enforced are rules about electronic noise. The PA system is to stop playing music as the huddle breaks. I seem to recall a mid 2000s game at Ivor Wynne Stadium against Saskatchewan where Hamilton was penalized during the game for using artificial crowd noise piped over the speakers after the Saskatchewan huddle had been broken.

Considering the GM, Thomas Dimitroff is a local boy, maybe he learned the crowd noise thing in the Hammer.

The Bombers did this for years. They had huge speakers behind/beside the visitor's bench. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Ya it's only bad when other teams do it .. :roll:

If I remember correctly a Hamilton player whom I can`t recall “put the boots” so to speak to one of those speakers. :rockin:

Mikefrmthhammer wrote: Football is about the game. If you have to resort to loud noises to distract the visiting team, then your team is not very good.
All generalizations are false, including this one. Mark Twain

There is no relationship between piped in crowd noise

and how good or bad the home team in the field is

Pretty sure it was Wally Zatylny who "went long" during warm up and crashed through speakers that were set up behind the end zone.
Or it might have been Ken Evraire.

So no one actually knows if its done at THF? I cant ever recall hearing it m6self.

Considering the technical problems they had with the sound system and uneven volume around the stadium, along with how much the guy responsible for music was screwing up, especially the first 2 or 3 games, I have a lot of trouble believing that they could have competently pumped in crowd noise without it being obvious to most of us.

Just to correct a misconception (including this one, perhaps :lol: ), the above quote was not attributed to me. I was copying and pasting from this link:

[url=https://frozenfootball.wordpress.com/2015/03/10/cfl-rule-that-is-better-than-the-nfl-part-2/]https://frozenfootball.wordpress.com/20 ... fl-part-2/[/url]

as I thought it relevant to the title of this, the thread I started. Nothing I quoted from the link I necessarily agree with.