Did the Riders intentionally lose or do they suck that much?

Unethical and evil or just plain sucky suck suck? You decide....


You still need to justify it...

two teams play a game. they all try to win. only one team can. its very simple

Riders dont suck. They tried to win. They lost. It happens.


Fans never like to see their team lose, but losing may allow Saskatchewan a better shot at championship by crossing over to a weaker division in the playoffs. Although a winning streak is preferable before playoffs, it isn't essential for success. The previous time Saskatchewan won the grey cup, the final game (of regular season) was a big loss.

I dont think that they tried to lose that game with the kind of day that Korey Sheets had nor do they suck but what they have hit are two of the top 2 QBs in the CFL playing some good football against them in back to back weeks. Callivillo was just Calivillo and with the wind playing such a factor the Riders took the wind in the 4th qtr and were driving towards a winning TD at the Als 21 yard line as the time ran out hense a 34-28 loss.
Ricky Ray has come back hitting on all cylinders with back to back weeks with 4 TD passes and to make the Argos offense even more scarier Jason Barnes last week and Maurice Mann this week have finally gotten in sync with Ray and the Argo offense.
If my memory serves me the Riders have already beaten BC 2 out of 3 this season with a loss coming at BC place during the midst of the 5 game losing streak. The Riders will be in a position like Calgary was only they need to prove to themselves and BC that if they do reach the Westrn final they can beat BC at BC place.
Durant and the riders have basically had to strategize according to wind conditions the last two weeks with the wind playing a factor depending on which way they were going.
No wind inside at BC place will enable the Riders not to have that worry in hand and so far the Lions in their first game since clinching did not look to give it their all. Cold wether or not neither Hamilton nor Calgary let the weather affect the way they played in a sense that they played hard for all 4 qtrs where as the Lions did not look like they wanted to even be there for almost an entire half. Lulay will most likely be back and who knows how bad the shoulder injury is but Corey Chamblain may have to game plan for andrew Harris the same as they did for Cornish and not let him do anything as he is the team leading rusher and receiver.

Well,if those are my choices..... You suck :smiley:

I don't think any coach or player would intentionally want to lose any game. This question was also asked last week. Same as then my heart says play thru the West but mu head says play thru the East. We have made the playoffs and that is huge compared to last year.

It could be worse, we could be Hamilton or Winnipeg. At least we have a team to cheer for.

Unless something just happen while I was at hockey, they both have teams to cheer for... just not very good ones!

Wow... what a wild conspiracy theory... will you further that conspiracy if the Als lose at home today vs. Edmonton? Its the more important game for you to be watching rather than the Rider/Argo game... if Montreal mails it in, then you might have a case... a very sketchy one at best though... :roll:

Today they sucked that much. Missed field goals, missed 2 point convert, plenty of Argo penalties to help them but too many of their own and too many big plays going against them. The Argos are the worst team in the league in red zone production and I believe they started this game 3 for 3. Rider don’t suck overall, but they did suck bad on this day.

Our coaching leaves MUCH to be desired… This is why we are 8-9 and on a 3 game losing streak.

We will also lose to BC next week.

I'll trade you. Straight up, Milanovich for Chamblin. At least your coach has some idea what goes on on the field, Scotty is still trying to figure out what all those red flags mean.

As for Sandro D he has been handling the punting duties as well the last few weeks and with the wind had to put some extra effort into the punting part. Weather Milo is healthy enough to play next week or they go with Borehome i think that it is safe to say that Sandro D needs to focus just on the place kicking and leave the punting to someone else.

The Riders are in the playoffs. I think next week should be the least of their worries, they should be more concerned with ensuring Dr Jekyll shows up for the west semi and not Mr Hyde.

The way Calgary is playing right now it won't matter. The Stamps are rolling and the Lions better improve their protection cause if its like this weekend they may not make it to the Big party.

I cannot stand that loser attitude.

I love my Stamps, but in fairness to BC it took them a quarter and a half to adjust to the weather. As much as I would love to say my Stamps are going to the GC, BC doesn't have to play in the cold in BC place. I expect a much closer game in BC place.

The Stamps ARE peaking at the right time, but to look past BC would be a HUGE mistake!


To look past the WSF would be an equally HUGE mistake.