Did The Riders Get Hooped on this Deal?

Sorry I did not mean to post my quote like I was breaking the story or anything.

Did we get hooped on this Deal?

Or should I be asking How badly did we get hooped?

I don't get it...you ask if the Riders got jobbed, then don't list it as an option...is this one of those "trick questions" my students are always asking about? :wink:

It's missing the option

"Did the Riders get shafted so badly they need to see a proctologist"

ya we need more options here man


how about the option for WAY TOO SOON TO HAVE AN EDUCATED OPINION.

I thought we were gonna be getting some players. This was a BS trade.

It appears that it'll be another 18 years before the Riders will see another Grey Cup.

i hope he breaks his leg and is forced into retirement

...well aren't you just a class act...

I would have to guess but I would bet there will be new KJ t-shirts on order in rider town. But put it this way look at the bright side Tillman was not going to be able to satisfy KJ's contract. At least you got something the n lose him at the end of the season.

to be honest I love the trade, get some assets out of him before he becomes a free agent. I would sacrifice next year and a huge salary dump for a big off season! Remember, it wasn't that long ago that we sucked, I still remember how to act when we sucked! It's like riding a bike! But ET is here for four or so more years and I think he is preping for the end of his contract!

So!.....my question is this;

Can Marcus Crandell get the job done? and if not then
Drew Tate?
Steven Jyles?
Darian Durant?

I think Jyles is our best bet to be ur starter period. as it sits right now

He got traded its not like he bolted. Show some class he got you your first Grey Cup in eighteen years. Ass

ok then. breaks is leg and his arm. And HE didnt give me anything! The TEAM got me the grey cup

That's one of the more accurate statements made today. Yes, the TEAM, particularly Richie Hall's defence, got you the Grey Cup.

Bottom line is that, no matter how good KJ was during the season, he basically laid an egg on Grey Cup Day, and it's your defence that won the Cup.

here here. bye bye glorified running back!

I agree, it's hard to tell a winner in this trade for at least a season and maybe more.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: Its long overdue time for you to crawl back under the rock you crawled out from under :roll:

What is it with Toronto and quarterbacks? They always seem to have two or three backups lurking, rarely give them a decent chance, then trade for a proved starter rather than develop their own.

I sense many sacks in Joseph's future :wink: