Did the Refs make a mistake in the West-Semi?

Now first of all I want to say that I do not mean to offend the Stamps or their fans at all with this topic, nor do I mean to take the legitimacy of their win away from them. This is also not an attempt to be a poor loser, and should not be taken that way. This is simply a discussion about whether or not a ruling on one of (if not the) rarest of plays in Canadian football was wrong in this years West Semi Final.

Now to the actual topic.

So I got into the age old CFL vs NFL debate (yeah I know) with some guys, on a different forum, that were just bashing the CFL (on a thread about Grey cup) for no good reason.

So I went to this (http://www.13thman.com/cflvsnfl.html) for reference, and found something interesting.

On a field goal attempt, the defending team may return a missed field goal to the kicking team's end zone for a Touchdown. [b] On a convert attempt after a touchdown, the defending team may return a missed kick convert to the kicking team's end zone for 1 point, or if the convert was a rush or pass play may return a fumble or interception for 2 points. [/b]
Now, we all know the bolded happened in the west-semi, as the Stamps blocked a Saskatchewan convert, and returned it for 2 points.

But, according to this site (which does not source it's information), the rules say that on a missed kick where the defence returns the ball to the end-zone, the defence scores 1 point. Not 2.

Again, I don't want to take their victory away from them, and the point difference wouldn't have led to a tie or loss for the Stampeders, but just felt that this would be an interesting and notable topic to bring up

I think where the difference kicks in is that with a missed kick, the ball can be returned for a single. A blocked kick on the other hand, either team can pick up the ball and if they make it to the endzone it is 2 points. A blocked kick, is not a missed kick.

Wouldn't the fact that it was a kick attempt instead of a 2pt conversion attempt be what is important?

I can't find the rule book online to look into this more though :frowning:

Section 14 - Scoring Plays
(b) 4. A defensive player may score a two-point convert by legally gaining possession of the ball and advancing it across his opponent's Goal Line. The yardage gained or lost will be recorded in the appropriate category (missed field goal convert return, interception return and/or fumble return).

The 2011 rule book is online at the CFL website:

Rule 3 - Section 2 - Article 5

If Team B legally gains possession during an unsuccessful convert attempt (i.e. interception of forward pass, recovery of fumble or blocked kick), it may score two points by advancing the ball across Team A’s Goal Line.
The ruling was correct.

Not that it would ever happen, but if the Stamp player had stopped running and executed a drop-kick, would that have been one point?

I'm assuming this includes blocked field goal attempts. "CFLfannumberone" has included another interpretation which appears to include this.

This is a very interesting question.

I'm going to take a guess at this and say the Stamps would get nothing if the ball went through the end zone. If I'm not mistaken, when a player drop-kicks or kicks a live ball and it goes out of bounds for example, there is a change of possession. Possession I think can be retained by the team that drop kicked the ball if the player who drop kicked the ball recovers the ball or if any of his teammates do provided they were behind him when the ball was kicked. In your example above, if the Stamp player suddenly drop kicked the ball and it ended up bouncing around in the end zone and he or one of his teammates recovered it then it would still be a 2 point conversion. If the opposition recovered it then no points would be scored. I'm thinking this would not matter even it it went through the uprights since it was not a convert attempt such as the one Doug Flutie scored in 2006 while in the NFL.

Don't quote me on this as I've no researched it enough.

The rule I quoted was in the section about converts.

Ah, no, if you return a blocked field goal it's a touchdown beagle.

It’s 2 points. I assure you.