Did the Commish say 12 teams?

Wouldn't you love to see a Saskatoon team called the Roughriders going head to head with the Rough Riders? I know I would. The world needs this.


The world was a better place when this happened in the CFL back in the 90's and prior.

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Who wins Roughriders or Rough Riders?

Is it a wonder Toronto wants nothing to do with the CFL.

Losing to them would be an embarrassment for those snobs.

Once the Atlantic Schooners are up and running, we should take a good look at either Port Asbestos or Possum Lake. I've been told that both of them have senior amateur teams that outdraw the Argonauts. That's pretty good for teams whose home stadiums have wood plank seating and food trucks and porta-potties for amenities.


Randy Ambrosie sure uses a lot of words. Unfortunately, most of them don't mean anything.

He'd be a perfect politician

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Agree it would cut into the riders to much, I think, could be wrong though, it’s hard to tell.

Wow! I really feel the CFL will go down to 8 teams before it goes up to 10, let alone 12 especially during the Randy Ambrosie administration. Or it could be like the Larry Smith administration where 'new' teams don't last any longer than their first press conference because the 'new team's owner' couldn't attend the presser because he was busy getting arrested by the FBI at the Miami airport.

Face it! The CFL can't get it's act together to get a 10th team (how long has it been now?) forget 12.


Based on the fact that the CFL is looking to Americanize the game ie) moving in the hashmarks, getting rid of the orange penalty flag etc. I wouldn't be surprised if they went south after Halifax.

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12 teams seems like pie in the sky right now, considering the incredibly long process in attempting to get 1 more team fitted into 1/3 of our country known as Atlantic Canada. Won't see this for years, if at all. Dreaming happy dreams is all we see here.


You mean, like, Lunenburg? Yarmouth? Clarke's Harbour? They'd be natural rivals for Halifax, I suppose.

Saskatoon is not an option. Not only have the Riders established themselves and draws fans from the entire province, a second team in Sask would simply be too many and both franchises would not be strong financially.

Been there, done that, didn't work then, won't work now. Let's work on developing our own markets such as they be. If all we can support are 9 Canadian teams then let's just do what we can to make them as viable & secure as possible.

Hey @PorkyPine , you're talking crazy, like a business person working in a business office making business plans.

Hey, I'm just a crazy kind of guy🤪

US has population of just over 330 million.
Canada has population of approximately 40 million.

They outnumber us 8 to 1.

CFL has 9 (ok, 8 and 1/2) football teams. Go with 9.

So if the football-crazy US was to have the same team to population ratio as Canada, the NFL should be fielding 72 teams.

Or if we wanted to match their ratio, the CFL would have 4 or maybe 5.

BTW, for those talking US expansion, there's one simple and very big reason it won't happen, or if it does it will kill the game in Canada: the RATIO
The league could not enforce the Canadian player ratio in the US. Or even a "local player" ratio. Its against US Law.

So... keep the ratio in Canada = Give American teams an advantage, they win, Canadian fans tune out, game dead. (Saw the start of the process with the Baltimore Stallions... fortunately the concept was killed in time)
Or.... lose the ratio entirely = Canadians (with the VERY odd exception) get forced out of the game, CFL becomes NFL light and eventually goes the way of every other non-NFL pro league in the US, game dead.


Ah yes, platitudes, slogans, catch phrases galore but as you say in terms of actual, measurable , results……..

I will say he is a master of the non-answer, answer.


Both are unsuitable as they are now unfortunately.

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Yup. This is the same league that has attendance dropping like a stone in its home stadiums, but declares “we’ve maximized our revenues locally” so they focus on building a fanbase in Finland and Norway


I think that the way things are now with NFL practice rosters as they are we will not see a flood of Americans that have a great deal of more talent than the Canadian players. Since the 90's and Baltimore the NFL has added team and added a bunch of roster spots that suck up talent that would have been in the CFL 30 years ago - so with that dynamic in play I don't think that the talent differential is going to happen. JMO-

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