Did the Commish say 12 teams?

Good idea!

I have this nagging suspicion though that the owners aren't much interested in actually growing the game. They seem to be more interested in making a quick buck whatever way they can.


Shows no box suites. That is where the money is for teams to profit

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Can't have Anchorage without Prince Rupert and a choice between Whitehorse or Juneau.

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They do claim that such suites can be included:

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I like the build in stages option to fit a budget.

CFL "How much stadium can I get for $10.62?" :crazy_face:

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They should've included it in the original sales package. This makes it like a bait and switch sales job

Did you look at the webpage? The info about the suites is right above the stadium diagrams I first uploaded. And even before that, they put up this rendering:

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One of my pet peeves here is someone commenting without looking at the link , person , subject , news article then responding .

Plus The image is from the mock up of the York united potential stadium ...

They will build the new CPL Vancouver stadium I reckon as they are the owners and will most likely be a key partner in getting needed stadium infrastructure for the CPL .

They include many style roofs as well .

The CFL should get on it and see what costs can be saved in getting a 20 k up and ready . But they won't ..... no leadership in the CFL .

I am impressed if they can do it with a great reduction in start up costs .

It's a game changer for all outdoor pro Canadian leagues that needs quick set up of decent ready to go stadiums that can be built within 6 months or less .


Huh, I didn't realize that this company is the owner of the new Vancouver CPL team. I wonder if Amar Doman has any relationship with them. He, apparently, is one of the guys on the CFL expansion committee and seems to display decent leadership so far.


Even if he doesn't have a relationship with the new CPL team, get Doman Construction to steal their ideas :wink:


I wish there was a stadium they had built already that can show a cost break down but that maybe the Vancouver one soon ; so there is a real cost to show anyone interested .


I only looked at what you posted. I trusted your assessment


Its bewildering considering Bob Young was chiefly responsible for the creation of the CPL.

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I said years ago that they should do what BC did and build a modular stadium. They could do it for a quarter of the price. My god it’s only for nine games. It doesn’t have to be state of the art stadium.


It will be interesting to see what else the stadium has that drives revenue. Does it have club seating and large concourses too? Those are also large revenue drivers and the later being places to put more sponsorship hence bringing in more $$$. How much does it cost to operate a CPL team?

"How much does it cost to operate a CPL team?"

Canadian Premier League salary cap set at $1.2M as league opens books | Calgary Sun.

The league adds that the cost of running a CPL team is, on average, more than $4 million a year.

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Wonder how much push back he gets from those not on the same page and is disillusioned with certain aspects of the CFL .

I Know I Would be .

We are on the same page with that .

BC's Tempire made permanent definitely was one of three examples of stadiums that can be built on the cheap that are more than capable of getting start ups going for the CFL with sufficient game day return

which in turn facilitate a larger media presence

and thus less reliance to game day revenue .

If they can have modest infrastructure investment it can create

needed stability

while providing steady

domestic market reach and growth .

If any new CFL community is so enthralled with the CFL they will invest later in a more lavish contemporary stadium for the team when there is sufficient voters to pander to .

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What was then called Empire Field because it was built on the site of the old Empire Stadiums for the 2011 CFL season was previously stands for the 2020 Winter Olympics on Seymour Mountain. It was temporary but it was sufficient for the purpose. Most of all it was affordable. I went to a couple of games there and had no complaints what so ever.
As a foot note, one of those games was Jon Cornish's first game as a starter. I was sitting close to his father who was wearing a Stamps jersey with his name and number on it. A proud Pappa!