Did the Commish say 12 teams?

Randy Ambrosie is talking expansion. Which is good. Halifax is obviously their short term goal. But, I've heard him now more than once in the last few weeks mention 12 teams.

After Halifax, where in the heck are these two teams coming from? I can see Quebec City for sure. But, number 12?

I am starting to believe the CFL's future growth might be based on the premise of getting bigger by going smaller. With revenue sharing and hopefully new revenue on the horizon perhaps you can get by with smaller stadiums in smaller markets (e.g., Victoria, London, etc.).


Ummm... maybe after Altlantic Canada Randy Ambrosie could woo Saskatoon and Quebec City with a box of Tim's Doughnuts and a Double Double.

If it was me I'd throw in a 10% Off Husky Gas coupon to seal the deal.

Where did you hear him say this recently?

Most of us would love to see a tenth team, but who knows if we'll ever even get that done.

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In my head (that's a confused place) we've had a 12 team CFL league for years now that's divided into three equal divisions... the West (BC, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina), the Central (Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Hamiton, Toronto) and the East (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City).

The challenge we have is moving what's in my head (except for the monsters) to the real world where everybody can appreciate my brilliance.

You're welcome CFL Fanbase! :smiley: :+1:


Two Toronto teams now? lol


Most recently on the TSN radio station in Ottawa.

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Oops. That should've read:

West: BC, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina.
Central: Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Toronto.
East: Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Atlantic Canada.

Sorry for the confusion. My bad.


Ambroise talks

As for results well...


wtf... you put Saskatoon & Regina in different divisions / time zones????
AND gave Toronto a second team (also in diff div / tz)

Um no...
I would rather see Yukon & NWT join the league lol

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Well... if you insist on real world results where Ambrosie is concerned you're just setting yourself up for eternal disappointment.

On the pretend front I think he's doing just fine.


Confusion? Stemming from YOYR head?


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I thumbed up this before I realized

Even on pretend front; I can't even play that CFL game since it is such vaporware

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You know me TOO well.

CFL would give away a team if anyone built a stadium
Its like noone ever watched Field of Dreams or something


Moncton has a Stadium
QC has a Stadium

'Vaporware' is what we're featuring at our annual CFL fund raising bake sale (it's an empty brown paper bag that we're selling for $20).

If we can raise enough to build a 20,000 seat stadium in the Yukon we'll consider ourselves a success! :smiley: :+1:

NWT is a better option
They have 2 Walmarts

No Home Depot though :frowning:

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Aww crap. What a setback. We had all 60 NWT inhabitants on board with our CFL expansion initiative too.

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Was waiting for the Home Depot reference.



There's no way a team works in Saskatoon. The province is too loyal to the Riders.

Maybe another team in BC somewhere