Did the CFL review Reynolds action

I posted on the game thread that I felt Reynolds should have been suspended for his stupid play against Toronto. Has anybody heard whether or not the league review the play.

There was no attempt to injure, just humiliate... Not a classy thing to do but considering Joffrey's always been a classy individual. I don't think this warrants a suspension and it is likely something went on that lead to this.

Anyway if something is to come of it, it won't be announce during the weekend games.

What happened to Rocket Ismail when he jumped on the Stampeder players head?


if i remember right, the rocket got a fine and a game suspension. he was intending to injur though.

I don't believe a suspension was warranted, due to this neing very out of character but IMHO a fine was. The league seems to have ignored it, which to me was wrong.