Did the CFL Leak Most Outsanding Defensive Player Winner?

Reading an article on the CFL website, I came across something that can only be described as foreshadowing the winner of the Most Outstanding Defensive Player:

“Next up for Evans and the Tabbies’ offence is the Bombers, who boast Most Outstanding Defensive Player Willie Jefferson, as well as former MODP Adam Bighill, and Winston Rose — who had a league-best nine interceptions this season. It’ll be a battle for the ages and Evans will be trying to add another trophy to his case while breaking Hamilton’s Grey Cup drought.”

Earlier in the article, it clearly noted that Banks was a nominee. So…did the CFL accidentally reveal the Defensive winner?

Full article here:https://www.cfl.ca/2019/11/20/evans-trying-add-first-grey-cup-mantle/

My guess is they just forgot the word nominee.

Another example of “ Us against the world?

Furthermore, can every sports announcer please retire the phrase “ One for the ages?. Enough already for that tired phrase, Sunday’s Ticat win, notwithstanding.

I guess we find out for sure tonight. I think enough voters will punish Simi for his head shot on Zach that Jefferson wins by default. I don’t think that is right, but I am a realist. Actually if you asked all of the Cat nominees what award they want to win I am sure, to a man, they would say the Grey Cup award. :wink:

I agree with this 100%.

The individual awards might feel hollow without that Grey Cup ring.

I just hope that Banks does not go into a pout if he does not win

First of all HE WILL WIN TONIGHT. Take it to the Bank(s).
Second of all he has matured quite a bit since 2014 so he would never “pout”.
Third of all: wash your mouth out with soap for even suggesting it. I have been a fan for almost 64 years and the VERY last thing I would do would be suggest anything like that.

What part of “if” don’t you understand?

Big players come up big in the biggest of games. Let’s take a look at Jefferson’s stats from the Western Final: https://www.cfl.ca/games/2645/winnipeg-blue-bombers-vs-saskatchewan-roughriders/#boxscore

Oops, false alarm. He did not record a single stat. I think voting was completed before last week’s games though. So SSK’s dismal red zone performance in the same big game will not affect Fajardo.

I understand the word quite well. Prior to that you said: “I just hope that Banks does not go into a pout” which does not include the word “if”. In other words you inferred he might “go into a pout”.

Perhaps I was a little harsh in my Dove suggestion, however, give the man a break in the future, okay?

To count, final ballots for both the awards and the full league all-stars had to be in by 5 p.m. ET, on the Sunday the semi-finals were played.

Is there no TV of the awards? Can’t find a listing.

They’ll be livestreamed on the CFL site at 9:30 ET (7:30 MT). I looked last night to see if there was coverage but didn’t see anything. TSN will no doubt replay the awards over the next two to three days but doesn’t look like they’re “big” enough to disrupt Thursday night football!

In answer to the subject line question:


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