Did the CFL go stale?

With the low scoring this year, does the league need to tweak the game to bring back some of the big plays that have gone missing?

Some have tossed up a number of ideas:

--bring back the painted striped balls :thup:

--outlaw coffin kicks :thdn:

--allow blocks from the side on kicking plays (so long as its not away from the play)

--outlaw all intentional contact in pass defense :thup:

Does the game need to be tweaked & if so, how?

I would agree with the painted balls return.

all they gotta do is make the kick return rulse the same as they were in '05....better field position leads to more TD's.

-FG percentages are way up this year, so we got better kickers.
-replay was a success, IMO ( for the most part ).
-if u change the ball back, there could be growing pains again, as QBs get used to the other ball all over again.
-all teams will have fieldturf next season ( except the eskies ),
-montreals stadium should be 5,000 seats expanded...

so next year will be way better then this season....lets cross our fingers for the return of the renegades!!

The game likely always needs to be tweaked.
Let's look at your suggestions.
The QBs have complained all year about the stiched stripes and I believe the plan is to review that issue in the offseason.
But remember, players were complaining about the old stripe as being to slippery and that is why they made the change--but I think something will be done.
Coffin kicks are a part of the game, but I would like to see perhaps a 5 yard penaty for kicking out of bounds.
Most teams would take that penalty to back a team inside the 10, but even 5 yards should help the offense out.
Something must be done about blocking on kicks. It was just one flag after the other early in the year, which only stopped when guys gave up even trying to block.
They have nearly destroyed one of the most exciting aspects of the game so something simply must be done.
Again, it was coaches and managers that asked for the change--so be careful what you ask for, because you might get it!
Outlaw intentional contact on pass plays? I am not sure what you mean, but I suspect I disagree with this one.
You are allowed to intentionally "jam" a receiver.
And you cannot take that aspect away.
After that, all "intentional" contact is illegal now, but a defender still has a right to his space and to go to the ball, equal to that of the receiver. And that is always going to be a judgement call by the refs, and is a necessary aspect of the game.
I would like to see the refs call the play more consistantly, but technically, not differently.

But here is a change. Get rid of replay! It just slows down the game and really doesn't particularly improve the quality of the officiating.
The money spent on the technology would be far better spent training the refs and paying them more. That will show a far greater improvement in the game.
But as I know that replay is likely here to stay, at least get some more cameras out there, especially at the goal line. And every play should have a reverse angle, and a front and back. If you want it, at least do it right!

Holy, the cfl needs lots of changes but only a few per season I think.
Some ideas:
If a player gets injured and traing staff come on the field he has to stay out for 3 plays. Get rid of that rule.
Move the field goal posts to the back of the endzones.
Eliminate the import rule
Move the 3 minute warning to 90 seconds, closer to the end of the game.
Add a timeout
Change the ball, too many wobbly passes
Eliminate the rouge point
Well that's good for now.

Let's see:
Yes. Maybe!

They need to do something to cut down the penalty parade. The CFL likes to pride itself in the exciting play on field compared to the NFL.
A punt return this year was almost an automatic ten yard penalty on every play as well as a lot of kicking out of bounds has may a once exciting part of the CFL boring.
The Ottawa players spread around the league may have filled some holes and made defenses tougher, but calling the game to tight has taken away most of the excitement IMO.
But the officials are only doing what they're told so it has to come from the top.

How about treating punting out of bounds the same way you treat no yards. If the ref deems that the kicking team intentionally punted out of bounds then it's a 15 yard penalty. If it landed out of bounds because of another factor i.e. wind, then its only a 5 yard penalty. But if it bounces in the field of play first, then no penalty at all.

No way man.. those changes are way too radical.. they'll never happen

and the 3 minute warning to 90 seconds? are you #@#$ kidding me??

15 yards would be pretty steep, but I like the bounce aspect before awarding a penalty.

Another change needs to be made regarding player injuries on the field. We have seen for years (Joe Gallat used to be the absolute worst) that when the defense has been on the field a lot during a game, and they are very tired, someone will fake an injury so the rest of the team can get a breather. Of course, after three plays, if that defense is still on the field, miraculously, that injured player who couldn't move for 3 - 4 minutes, trots back onto the field.

What should be done is: unless the player is unconscious or in need of a spinal board and neck brace, in which case he would be disqualified from any further play during that game, a golf cart should be immediatelty dispatched onto the field to remove the player, in which case, he still misses out on the next three plays.

This would speed up the game and make it more interesting for the fans.

The other problem is, as someone else mentioned, the Refs. Someone has to make them more accountable and remind them that the game is not about them. Many years ago, I had Bud Steen over to my house for dinner. Bud is/was a nice guy, but when we talked about the whole reffing thing, I got the impression that the Refs considered themselves to be a bigger part of the game than just enforcers of the rules. Long story short, find a grading system for the Refs. Too many good plays being called back by penalties that are unrelated or called wrong.

My turn
why (no)
why (no)
why (no)
why (no)
why (no)
why (no)

Ro, they are in fact going to take another look at the ball this year. At least that is what I hear. The QBs have very little positive to say about the new one this year.
And I can see adding another timeout. But perhaps just a 10 second one, so rather than taking a timecount, or illegal substitution penalty, you basically get to reset the 20 second clock once per game. It would also be preferable to the guy dropping to a knee and faking an injury...

The rest, why (no) is the correct answer. For sure!!

I agree with the ball change!

There you go!!

I'm all for the elimination of the rouge, on field goals at least. It's time to get rid of the rugby handdown rules, we are playing modern American football now and should not be afraid of some changes.

Oh by the way we are North Americans sheesh

We are not playing American football, we are playing Canadian football, and one of the things that makes us different is the rouge.

Get over your love affair with Americans.

We are playing CFL ball in the Northern half of North America, where the Rouge is alive n well..
Is the CFL getting stale?? of course not, if it's Touchdowns you want, stay tuned for the swing to offense. I actually like a defense dominated CFL game, hell with the 20 second clock n all...those boys on D are huffing n puffing but making plays..Go CFL ..Long live the King..and hwgill..

Im not gonna say the game has gone stale, but i will say the kick returns need to be back to normal, and they should get rid of those stupid football with the stripes stitched onto it...

hmmm...do I detect a bit of sarcasm?