Did the Bomber just get eliminated from the playoffs today?

With the Bombers losing to Sask. today, Winnipeg dropped to 2-8 and Sask. are tied with Edmonton for 3rd place at 5-5. This means that for the Bomber to make the playoffs, they must win at least 3 more games than either Sask. or Edmonton with only 8 games left to play.

These are the Bombers' remaining games:
Fri Sep 14 Winnipeg @ Calgary 8:00 PM
Fri Sep 21 Hamilton @ Winnipeg 7:00 PM
Sat Sep 29 Toronto @ Winnipeg 6:00 PM
Mon Oct 08 Winnipeg @ Montreal 12:00 PM
Sat Oct 13 Calgary @ Winnipeg 12:00 PM
Fri Oct 19 Winnipeg @ Toronto 6:00 PM
Sat Oct 27 Winnipeg @ Hamilton12:00 PM
Sat Nov 03 Montreal @ Winnipeg 2:00 PM

Given the best case scenario where Burke shows his defensive genius, Buck Pierce comes back and plays fantastic for all 8 games, I would say, optimistically, the Bombers could win 6 of those games, which would probably be good enough to make the playoffs.

Realistically, they will lucky to win 4 of these games, more likely 3. That's not enough wins to stop Edm. or Sask. from crossing over, even if we beat Hamilton twice. I think we were just eliminated from playoff contention today :cry:

What do you think?

It's sad but this team is done. :frowning: