Did the Blackout 'Work?'

I was at the game and - as the thread on ticket sales mentioned - there were a minimum of 8000 empty seats. My experience suggests that it was more like 10,000 but lets not quibble.

The blackout is supposed to increase sales for a specific game. This is not good news because if this was an 'increased crowd' then the 'Cats have truly lost the general community and most of the walk-up crowd.

Management obviously knows this.

The question is... do you think that with wins the crowds will return or is this a typical southern Ontario phenomenon and has the team 'missed the moment?' I'm not too sure of the answer.

The sad thing is that we've been bad for too long and it's effects are showing on alot of my friends who are frustrated by games like the season opener stinker and the Calgary game......

We are all waiting for a spark from the offence to ignite the fumes of frustration built up over the last several stinking years.

Well, the attendance was about 21 and a half thousand, thats an increase of about one thousand, so it worked to some extent. If this team wins there will be more fans in the seats, it's as simple as that.

The only thing the blackout accomplished was sparing the local television viewing market the pain of watching that dreadful performance.

I wish that game was blacked out nation wide.

Some fans I know are taking a 'wait and see' approach..
I'm thinking it might be awhile be for they return..

528 more tickets sold than last game!!
The Edmonton contingent didn't seem as prominent as the Riders. So it could even be 1000 or more tickets bought by TiCats fans.

Seems a blackout wouldn't work in the long run for a losing team. The people who couldn't watch the game would hear about it and be glad they didn't waste their time - not rush out and buy tickets for the next one.

Yes, the blackout worked, because over 500,000 potential local TV viewers did not have to watch yet another Tiger-Cats defeat.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

The Y108/CHML drive through probably added a couple hundred tickets as well..

What a shock :lol: :lol: :lol:

And 528 "more" tickets is not an increase. That could happen any game where there is a fluctuation of 500 seats.

Blackout experiment finished.

The answer is NO.

The evening's weather was ideal for football. A couple of seasons ago, IWS would have been crammed.

Personally, I enjoyed (er, watched) the game on TSN-HD.

AS a former season ticket holder, I would attend games under all conditions, and actually, I still feel that way, but my old body is in disagreement with this theory due to severe arthritis.

I would point out, however, that their are several stadia where I can sit comfortably and enjoy football in less cramped conditions, and I do!

There is no way to tell, is there?

It was the biggest announced crowd of the season so far, and after their horrific performance in Calgary.

Plain and simple...NO!!!

That's cool though because I got about 5 of those Carling/Tigertown shirts...4 of those could've blonged to YOU!!! Yes....YOU!!! way to no-show Cats fans, nice way to support the team

ticat management: “we’ve sucked for so long and raised ticketprices every year, and now u say you’ve had enough and are gonna watch from home? well we’ll show you for showing us, and we’ll blackout the games…that’ll learn ya for trying to show us”

i guess its easier to blackout the games to force fans to come, rather than field a good team so fans choose to come.

dont know whos right but on the chch sports saturday, it was said that the was just over 17000. if that true the blackout didnt work



Largest crowd yet, but not by much..