Did the Als look like the riders a couple of years ago

Wow what can I say about the Als. Their offense looks so much like the riders of two years ago. AC looks dejected in this game.

Atta go Bellefeille. Destroy another offence. Man I wish I could suck that bad at a job and keep making that kind of money.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank Popp for taking Bellefeuille off the Riders' hands...

The Als are in serious trouble. They have an aging team with some serious personality clashes with their head coach. This team is in turmoil.

Their offensive coordinator is horrible. Yes, they are aging and Popp is questionable but trust me, the offensive coordinator is horrible.

The problem is 100% the head coach and the OC at this point with the als. If you look at the personel they have on the field there are a lot of good parts on the team but the parts that are missing are filled by horrifically underqualified players.

On offence Calvillo is still a very good QB when he gets the proper playcalling. He has at least 3 receivers he can go to reliably in watkins, cahoon, and thurmon. Payton, when given the ball, has proven effective he is never used beyond the first quarter of every game though for some inexplicable reason. The offensive line is attrocious right now and any play that is not a quick pass is doomed to failure because the offensive line is unable to protect calvillo long enough for the deep player to finish his route.

On defence Claybrooks, Bowman, and Stewart have done a very good job up front despite a non-existant pass rush. If the als would rush more than 3 people once in a while they would get very good pressure. In the secondary Randy Drew has been a standout, Sanchez when healthy has been reliable same with Mark Estelle and Boulay. The linebacking needs a lot of help though and it shows with the kinds of passes the als give up and once the RB gets passed the front 4 they usually get into the secondary not long after.

The biggest problem on this team is Popp being unable to adjust at halftime. Every game the als start strong out of the gate then the coaches go in for half time and Popp no matter how the team is doing will keep everything the same and the opposing coaches adapt to what hte als were doing last half and completely shut the team down on both sides of the ball. Bellefieulle is totally incompetent as well and I (with only slightly less coaching experience than Popp)can predict on every down what our offence is going to do each play in the second half. It also doesnt help that Popp is too incompetent to know just how god awful bellefieulle is.

As I have said many times this year Bellefieulle is living proof that you will have more success as a famous faillure than a talented nobody

I don't understand what Popp has to prove by coaching? He was one of the best GM's around bringing in top notch talent to the Al's but it's clear as day to everyone that he's in way over his head as a coach.

I guess the sad part is if they fire him they'll lose a very good GM, but an awful coach.

I guess for Als fans they can always hope he returns to being a full time GM next year.

Im not going to rip into Marcel too much, his offense just "flat out" sucks :wink:

The Als just ran out of gas, it's always tough playing on 4 days rest and on the road to boot. The real test for Popp and this team will be the rematch. Drop that one and look out.