Did someone say ...Rust ?¿?

Well it’s the first day of training camp. So I decided to head on down to see some of the new faces. I’ve noticed a few posts concerning Ricky Ray, and the fact he didn’t play last year. Well, I’m pleased to inform you that, he may not have taken game snaps, but he sure as hell wasn’t just sittin on his butt. There is no rust on that guy. They must have given him a coat of Tremclad before he went south. He looks great. After sitting out a year, he looks hungry. He wants that ball. He was hookin up with Tucker, and Hervey as good as he ever has ( Hervey looks like he came to play. He really looks great. Tucker is an amazing receiver. ). He, and Mitchell also connected a cpl times. He is on the money. Khari Jones is looked really good too. Maas is still rehabbing his shoulder, but he threw some balls, and looked good doing it. I looked at the field and saw 3… count em THREE, starting QB’S out there. In the immortal words of TIMBUK-3… " The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades "

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Cool, I wasn’t able to get there today. I am hoping to get to at least one before they wrap it up. Who was tearin it up in the battle of the tailbacks?

that is just the beginning!..Do it in a regular season game!

You mean every pass thrown by an Eskimo QB was caught by an Eskimo receiver? Impressive.

Sounds like training camp.

:lol: [just pulling your leg, mate]. :wink: