Did seeing your bride coming down the aisle choke you up?

here is a short clip of an emotional groom when seeing his bride

Groom has truly heartwarming reaction to seeing his bride (msn.com)

I still remember the raw emotion I felt as my bride walked down the aisle. Strongest emotion I ever felt that wasnt hatred or rage. I fought hard not to show it, not that I would be ashamed of it, but it just the way I am. I almost get choked up just thinking about it 38 years ago next month.


She sure did...

I mean you check out a bridesmaid behind just once and it's like all hell breaks loose and then ...oh wait you mean choked up with emotions

My bad

It was an emotional day for sure but ..Of have just prefer to hit the courthouse and sign much easier but being men we have to appease the women and just spend spend spend because it's not meaningful unless everyone else is involved and you pay out for their enjoyment

I think weddings are overblown ..even mine was ..

Waste of money (the wedding not the marriage)

I'm happy for those whose marriage works out; deep abiding love is a joyous thing. But, I keep in mind that it's not for me and 50% of marriages end in divorce, and more and more people are not getting married at all. I think it's most important for families that want to raise children.

its not marriages that is the problem but people not willing to make it work. Expectations that the other person is to "make you happy". Unwillingness to stick to it through the hard times. The vow of "for better or WORSE" is a hollow vow to many.

Most women would have dumped me within a couple of years, if they would marry me in the first place. My wife, amazing and incredible person that she is, never took the easy way out. She stuck it out and now, finally, for the last few years, things have been more like they always should have been. Not perfect but much better. Our children never had to be part of a broken home. These day, with many situations, it is "what is best/easier for me right now". Am I judgmental? Maybe. Mostly just disappointed.

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