I just watched a replay of Thursday's Bills game in Toronto on NFL Network. I had heard that 55,000 tickets had been purchased for the game, but those stands sure looked more than half empty to me.

I wonder if the corporations will continue to purchase all those tickets if Toronto ever gets a franchise of their own? Otherwise, the NFL might not last too long up north! I guess the real test will come in December with the regular season game, but at this point it appears the Rogers plan does not have the support of the people of Toronto. My bet is they smell this for what it is ... a money grab that endangers Canadian culture.


rogers aint endangering any culture, you people need to stop crying, whats destroying canadian culture are immigrants that dont have citizenship that use up the welfare system and want handouts from the government.

hey touchdown69, you starting to annoy me, please go away.

How can someone without citizenship get welfare? I've read heavily into the immigration laws, and just to get my American girlfriend and soon to be wife to come live here is gonna take us almost a year with legal fees, and they can deny her for any reason they see fit. She'd be paying taxes, and the fact i lived here my whole life in BC, and a few months in Ontario here and there, parents to great great grandparents all from Canada, and most immigrated from Scotland, and i've been with this girl over 8 years and they could still deny her the chance to even work here, so I don't see how she could get welfare, i've never even heard of this unless these people are commiting complete fraud and falsifying documents, other than that its a major problem to get into this country even for an American, our "Free Trade" ally.

Yes it does affect our culture because CFL is older, and it should be historically protected, its superiors, and Rogers is lying to Canadians (like they do with their cell phone contracts, and half their profits in the past at Rogers Video coming from Rental fees) because Ted Rogers wants the TV contract, that TV contract could mean the Bills play in an empty field with no seats, and after all costs they make millions in profits.

And again read my signature. People in Toronto do not have the knowledge of how different our games are, and that having a bunch of millionaires on the field will mean one bad season for the Argo's and they fold with 9,000 in attendance again because they don't bring out Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, half these "fans" of the NFL don't even know the rules. Its a joke of a league thats full of sugar coating, but once you get past it you see the tar and boringness that comes from Baseball type speed and fun. I've fallen asleep for every single Super Bowl i've ever watched, i challenge them to play as at our rules any day of the week.

CFL players are not minor league NFL caliber, yea we do pick up a lot that get cut, but we try and tune them to our game. The other half of our teams are Canadians that Americans never even look at. There are also several references of NFLers that come here and think they'll own the league and they don't. 20 second clocks, bigger fields, makes a huge difference, and would mean a whole different training regimen for their players. People just don't seem to understand that.

Before the Ottawa Rough Riders folded there were 3 teams that predate all NFL teams in the CFL. Again read my signature from perhaps one of the best QB's in NFL history, and a former Bill himself. Even he's smart enough to know whats going on here. Not only that, the NFL would never succeed at our rules if they played against our teams, they might have a close game, but i'd bet we'd win most of those games.

"touchdown69" I am assuming that 69 is your I.Q. You should learn how to speak and type english properly. Start with an elementary school education.

Agree with you vanhalen.
We need to protect the CFL at all cost and if that includes legislation as currently suggested by the Senator, I am all for it.
Yesterday on the local Fan 590 here in Toronto, the pro CFL sportscaster Bob McCown said on numerous ocassions how Rogers and the people putting on the Bills games were arrogant about the pricing and obviously misread the marketplace.
Oh yes he has called them out many times and
is not afraid to say so, especially as the station is owned by you guessed it, Rogers.

Congratulations, your most recent post qualifies as one of the top 10 stupidest things said in this forum. Perhaps do some research on the 'Out of Africa' theory.
You may find it will enlighten your perspective on the idea of 'immigrants'.

Praatt and Taylor say uncle Ted took a bath of 4 mil for this one game..... HMMMMM The Argos make 4 mil with the grey cup....Uncle Ted pisses away four mil with one ex game....
I read somewhere else...and I believe it is true....No one is going to buy a ticket to the next game... They are going to expect to find some reterded scalper to rip off....Expecially since the Bills and dolphins are not expected to win 10 games between them.

Hey TD69 stop embarassing yourself and read a book. I will even make it an easy one for you: The Polite Revolution. There are no pictures but try paying attention to the facts. Facts are easy to tell apart from BS because facts are backed up with numbers and statistics and historical cases/testimonies.

There are far more immigrants coming to Canada to work fulltime time jobs than are unemployed.

I dare even say, immigrants have bailed Canada out of many economic problems. That is why the Governments cater to immigration. Even the parties who say they don't, do. They do because they know that immigration is indeed good for Canada. That is why we encourage it more than many other countries.

And yeah the Rogers probably bought a crap load of tickets. Wouldn't you, if you were Rogers?

After all, Canadians are just immigrants with seniority.

Lets not start on this again. Not every Canadian is an immigrant.