Did Rider Fans get their Xmas gift from the Shiv!

Prior to Xmas there was a report that Roy was going to give the rider fans a present. What did the rider fans get?

the riders gave the fans higher ticket prices and moved the university section
to the endzone.thanks roy the riders gave a exellent gift this season.

.....maybe he'll give us a New Years gift of making Greene our starting QB.....oh yay.....

The best Christmas gift The Shiv could give the Rider fans would be a top notch QB. That's all that team needs to challege for the GC. Too many second string and third string QB's on that team IMO. Always shows at playoff time. Greene and Crandall are good back-up type guys but Shivers has to find a stud who can play. I thought he was suppose to be a great recruiter.

imagine doug fluite joining the riders…he would lead them to the CG and become a sask. legend!..won’t happen tho.

riders have done nothing this off season so far... we'll see after the free agent season opens...
if they do nothing... they will lose some support

Well, they managed to lose Tango McCauley to the AFL.....that's one thing they've done this off-season.....

What are some of the big name free agents this year?

McCallum, Thurmon, French, McCullough, Bailey, Smith, and Spencer-Robinson.....think that's about it.....

The AFL season ends prior to TC. So I am sure he will be back just supplementing his income. But I think Shiv will do something for the Rider fans. To NFL retreads will be available J Gracia and D Flutie. Wether Shivers can entice them no one knows at this point. But you never know.

Jeff Garcia is still alive? where is he playing? Oh and if Flutie wins the super bowl with the patriots this year (which is a definite possibility since the pats are really hot right now) he will likely retire for good

Garcia is playing ( if you can call it that) in Detriot.

Garcia could come back limping to the CFL......SOMEONE up here has been bending his ear....He is hoping he has support (besides crutches) somewhere so he can finish his career....could it be in Sask.hmmmmmm :roll:

one thing I noticed about the riders, they are different team when dominguez is in the line up........

Garcia in Sask??? Come on. If anyone is to even remotely believe in such a bogus story they are on some serious contraban!!! Why would any of the washed up qb's come back to the cfl? They would make more cash in retirement!