Did Reynolds get played by Jones

Since all the talk of Jones’s extension mentioned an out clause for NFL opportunity, a statement I have never heard of before for coaches or GM’s, did Jones re up just so he could get that clause in there for this year, knowing his previous contract didn’t have that clause? Then to make sure his buddy, the useless Mcadoo was taken care of, signs his coaching staff, pretty much tying the Riders hands to Jones’s guys, given the new cap on operations, and then bolts for the offer that was presented to him weeks ago.

Bring in Lapo, Henry Burris for the offence, take the hit on macdoo


He was called on the weekend by the browns and had an interview yesterday morning with an offer in the afternoon.

There is no “taking the hit” because you can then not afford to hire someone else. You live with your staff now.

I don’t care if we take a hit, Macadodo needs to go

prepare to be disappointed

You simply don’t can staff anymore.

He will likely be HC, Shivers is probably the leading candidate for DC.

So this team is really going to tank this year, no one wants macadodo here, why keep him, he is a useless OC his whole playbook fits on a folded napkin, my 14 year old grandson can call his plays before he does… Is Reynolds daffed!! watch the fan base shrink, the stands half full, I have no problem with the staff, but like many, I do with Macadodo , I’ve said it all season. HE HAS TO GO!!

yup…pretend that he has had no success ever…seems legit.

Depop, I respect your opinion, but most want him gone, everyone wants a new OC if he goes to HC oh well, just not OC… even you said earlier this season he sucked, maybe not in those words but similar.

yep…ive never hidden that I am not a fan. I also can’t ignore that his system has been very successful without as many new players…and that is where continuity becomes important. That’s kinda the point.

I would like to see someone like Lapo come in…but the reality is he already told the Argos to pound sand when they said he had to keep the staff. Does that mean he would feel the same with this staff? I am not sure…I have spoken with him but he never really said. Would he adopt what has been a good overall system? nope. And that…that can create a nightmare…divided staff that you can’t do jack about for a full year.

Well they won’t go anywhere with this system because they still , after 3 years don’t have a quarterback, it seems to me this system is proving to be the problem more than anything else, maybe switching head coaches to a more q.b. Friendly system would be an easier fix. Bring in lapolice and he can implimemnt a new offensive system, in training camp.

Since jones thinks so little of CFL franchises that he just up and leave with his mess in tact just like the ass he truly was, I hope Cleveland up and drop kicks him to the curb next next year. Here he only had to compete against 8 teams, and in 3 years accomplished nothing but another mess…

Name me a coach or player that would pass up the NFL. Hop back into reality…everyone would. That doesn’t mean they have a hateon for the CFL nor a franchise within it. This is the reality if the CFL

Well that’s fine but, the league seriously needs to put rules in, or our president needs to, that no one can make a contract that allows a coach to up and leave in the middle of the season. That needs to be a breach of contract, if he just up and quits , it would still be a breach of contract. They need to fix this. Or anyone can leave anytime they like, that’s no good. If we’re trying to be a professional league, then start acting like one, I don;’t think in the old days they could get away with this, but I didn’t really pay attention to that kind of stuff. It seems to me that he should have finished the season first, they need a window to leave not just up and take off. At a crucial point in the season.

killing the ability for a coach to leave is not going to happen. If they want to take them to court for breach…have at it. I am sure that will help hiring the next guy super easy.

As for leaving for another CFL team…that already exists

As for leaving for the NFL…the team has the choice and NFL is going to honor it. The problem is that as soon as you hold a coach back, then suddenly they don’t start signing anything but one year deals…that’s not good for the league. I am torn…I don’t think he should have been even granted permission for the interview, because he had just extended…maybe at the end of 2019. At the same time, how do you hold a person back from such a great opportunity? I know Jones wouldn’t…other than being mandated by the CFL. At the same time, the players are bound to it…but I don’t really agree with that either. It is a slippery slope and there is no clear answer to it to be honest…both sides of it all have merit. At the end of the day, I don’t like seeing people held back from great opportunity.

The legal question is whether Jones extended his contract for an extra year or whether he re-negotiated the terms of his contract while purporting to negotiate an extension!

Essentially water under the moat now!

it was an extension

This may well be what happened. The rumours were out there that Jones had a NFL job lined up, then he suddenly re-ups through 2020 but with an out to go to the NFL. Suddenly he gets “a phone call” from his buddy of a job offer. Sounds very suspicious to me.
Hire Jerry Glanville. He’s already said the personnel is in place little or no changes needed. He could oversee the Defense as well.

I like that , another grandpa, So much for bringing new guys in . Lol

it isn’t the case. He got the call on Saturday, interviewed Tuesday morning, got the offer later in the day. He knew there was some general interest, but nobody had actually contacted him when he signed.

Iduuno on Jerry…he might be an okay stop gap. He is not exactly building for the future though.