Did printers just throw it the last play to get the PI call?

OK Geroy Simonfan.... I will remain silent on Mr. Printers until the season is over... I will just observe. Lets see what he does next game....

No, he threw it because Casey's ego said "You are the greatest since sliced bread, throw it into double coverage and you will be the hero."
That ball should have been thrown into the stands and we should have had a second down play.

Dumb, DUmb, Dumb!

Sportsmen.... you read my mind... I was just trying to be nice to Geroy SimonFan.

Yup. You got me there Jakob7. Smirnoff's will do that. lol What is your excuse? lol And since it it was not your question but a question that Geroy posed because you had brought up the dumb idea on another thread that Printers was looking for a PI I can now say that your theory was complete rubbish. Like I said before, the theory is an interesting theory but totally without merit. Anyway, I said you can have the last word so the floor is all yours...unless of course you are going to be nasty

........oh and yes....you are quite welcome for the input....always glad I can be of help. You have a great day. :smiley:

leo and sports, he did amazing for his first game back! it was about half a year! he did as good as buck would do in a game, and in this game, better! Buck always throws and interception when lions are down, and he gets some momentum, which makes him just throw it, like printers did, but its his first game back! 2 TDS and 1 interception, if this was buck, more then 1 interception, and JJ has his really really good games, and not so good games. So imagine casey with all the rust off, I say he will do great. I say JJ and Printers are great QBS.

Gotta love your optimism GeroySimonFan. I sure hope you are right. And you know what? In the CFL anything could happen.

my excuse? 8 years of going to training camps and be taught to play the position...multiple courses on how to coach and multiple years of doing so right out of high school? did you play the game? did you play the position? it was 1 on 1 when the trow was made and IM SAYING THAT A QB IS TOLD TO DO THIS IF ITS A BLATANT PI WHICH IT WAS i NEVER SAID THAT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA I WAS MERELY SAYING THAT THIS IS WHAT QBS DO AND COULD BE A REASON AS TO WHY HE MADE THE DECISION but no your right...i apologize for having training and experience at the position and stating a possibility

Thanks beagle, and yes anything can happen, I never doubt my lions, GO LIONS GO!

Wow Jakob7. Those are awesome credentials! I didn't know. Does Wally know this? What's wrong with that front office anyway? If I were you I would drop off your resume to Wally before next game. Who knows, if Printers goes down they will definitely need another back up and by the looks of it you're just the man for the job! If you need any good references just let us here in the Lions Den know. I'd vouch for you. :wink:

Ok Jakob, i understand your point of view. Look i can see it if it was the last down, last play of the game., And pulling a Doug Flutie Hail Mary hoping one of your recievers catches the ball or hoping for a pass interefence, then i can see that.
But what some of us is trying to tell you that wasn't the case here. You still had another down, Your in field goal range to at least send it to another period. At worst you could have thrown the ball away.
This is what ive been taught ,Don't throw into double coverage unless your hoping for a miricle, and two if you were throwing it in hopes of a penalty then throw it in an area that only your reciever is tall enough to catch it, Not in an area that both the reciever and the defender have a chance at it. I think thats what your coaches were trying to tell you. Another thing i was trying to tell you is that every REF may have a different perpective then you. What you call a pass interference blatent or not,the ref may see it another so nothing is Gaurentee. If you have another Down to play with,and the game not on the line at the time ,just throw the ball away.