Did printers just throw it the last play to get the PI call?

Did he just throw it that way because he seen the PI? but when it was intercepted, him or geroy didn't complain about PI? but it surely was, but is that why you think he threw it?

i know we have already discussed this LOL but printer IMO threw this ball for 2 reasons...

  1. he saw the corner interfering expecting the call but the major reason i think was
  2. simon has come up big in tight coverage all game and put his faith in him once again to bail printers out

unfortunately the call was not made and simon was being tackled in the end zone and therefore had no shot at the ball

either way BAD decision by CP

Not a chance! No way he threw it hoping to get the PI call. He was scrambling, he had 2 Sask Roughies "cornering" him, about to lay him out, the stadium fans were going insane..... There's no way he would have been able to see that stuff going on with Geroy and process it all in a fraction of a second. He was running for his life and for a split second lost his composure. I believe what happened with Casey is what has happened on other occasions. The plan was to to go for all the marbles and win the game. But this was 1st and 10. [I think they were on the 8] He had 4 other options he could have exercised if Geroy was not wide open: ground the ball and take a penalty, throw it through the end zone, throw it out of bounds, drop to the ground and take a loss. How many times have we seen QBs throw the ball out of harms way. Casey just did not do it this time and he ought to have. He would still have had 2nd and 3rd down remaining. But he was so bent on bringing the game to an end in that play he did not consider his other options. His brain already told his body what it should do and he did not hit the cancel/delete button and go to plan B.

There is no way Casey Printers should have released that ball unless it was a sure thing. He knows it and so did every fan in the stands know it. But hey, under that kind of pressure I'm sure many other QB's would have made the same mistake. But a huge mistake it was. Hopefully he'll learn from it.

i never said he should throw i said this is a big reason why he did...qbs are smart enough to know that in order to get a PI call you almost always have to throw that player the ball...it wasnt the only reason but it prolly helped him make the choice...which like stated before was the wrong one

No QB would do that in hopes of a PI. Its like me asking you to take all your money out and blowing it on everything because you decided to buy a lottery ticket. Nothing is gaurantee.

no qb would do this? LOL sorry but you are mistaken ever seen a bad over throw on a PI that you think man that pass would never get there anyways...if not your not watching the game lol it happens ALOT if you dont throw it the refs can say that it didnt affect the outcome and can come up with a no call...anytime a qb sees something like that he throws the ball to that receiver to accentuate the interference you may not think it smart but if theres no one open than why take the hit?

Sorry you took my words out of context. I don't believe a QB would do this on purpose, in hope of getting a penalty.
Well unfortanately Jakob we don't know that for sure now do we. We watch the game on a TV. And since neither of us play Qb at a high level ,we don't know that for sure on how or what they were thinking now do we. Yes it does happen ,but how many times have you seen QB throw it out of desparation and not a mental error in judgement?
Of course were going to have a different opinion on that. Iv'e been to alot of LIVE games were you get to see the whole field and watch plays develope in which we don't get to do when your watching it on Tv. Not all the time that a ref is going to throw a flag. What im getting at is nothing is gaurentee when you throw into double coverage.
.It was first down. Why not throw the ball away. You had at least another down to play with. You were there for at least three point and sent the game for another ot period. It was more him trying too hard to thread the needle while being chased then hoping for a penalty.

Dude I was at that game and I just couldn't believe they didn't call pass interference let alone illegal contact, the refs missed a lot of calls and I just can't believe we let this one get away.

Im not disagreeing with any of you on that one. But how many times had we gotton away with penalties. Its a hit and miss with the officials, like i said nothing is gaurantee

lol im not claiming to be a pro or an expert cause that would be obviously ridiculous lol but i was trained to play qb from a young age...took multiple training camps specific to the position heard many college level and even some pro coaches talk about it and ill tell you that once i hit bantam...grade 8/9 they started telling me that if im in trouble and see a possible PI than to throw near that player out of harm....ok no upon saying this youll counter by stating that he was doubled and it was a bad idea...maybe so while watching REPLAY when you are rolling out with a 300 lbs monster on your ass...and i have been in this position even if it was only highschool football...your vision starts to tunnel a slight bit. yes hes a pro...but hes human this is normal...again watch the replay patrick (#14) does not sneak into the picture...which is a wider view with a better vantage point than in that helmet...after the ball is thrown...at the time of the throw it was singled and thrown short...there would be no INT except for a GREAT play and read by the safety if the safety reads on a diff receiver than thats an incomplete 2nd down... unfourtuantly it was simon LOL and there was no way patrick was going to let simon to far away from his sights especially after he burned them so bad all night... i never said at any time it was good decision i have actually stated many times that this was a very poor one but this is what i believe is going through printers head at the moment...again even if i was a pro i still wouldnt know what he was thinking but as i do have more than limited exp at this position...albeit at a far lower level...this is what my opinion is on the matter...and also was proving my point that rather than NO qb doing this as you state in facet EVERY qb has or will do this multiple times in a season. its usually a good play other than the no call and the poor throw im pretty sure the offensive line could have picked that pass off it seemed to float in the air forever...which is also uncharacteristic of his play that game anyways seemed to have the ball on a rope throwing bullets at his receivers really unfortunate time to have a mental lapse

Jakob7~ when it comes down to it, whatever Casey's reason for throwing the ball into double coverage was, and only he will ever truly know, the question will always be, "Was it the best and most intelligent option under the circumstances?" and the answer will always be, "Absolutely not!" Even Casey admitted that. LIke they say in the hockey world where the goal tender has left a soft goal in, " I'm sure he would really like to have that one back".

It is an interesting question you present. I just don't think that was on his mind at the time. And if that was the reason he threw it into double coverage with the entire game hanging on his perception of PI it would have been even less intelligent. Just my opinion.:rockin:

i believe i have mentioned that point already BUT a) it was single coverage when the ball was released...only after the throw was patrick in the area b) im not claiming to be psychic either lol im merely saying that at a very young age this idea was drilled in my head...so im almost garunteeing this scenario was in his head, as a pro they tend to process it all but if he thought it or not i repeat and will hopefully make myself clear IT WAS NOT A GOOD DECISION

Could you say that just ONE MORE TIME Jakob7? rotfl. Were you meaning "psychic or psycho"? Just wondering. And as always....just kidding. Enjoy the next game. By the way I spoke with Casey this afternoon over lunch. He told me and I quote, "Don't pay no attention to that twirp Jakob7, I wasn't looking for no PI. I just saw 600 pounds of green with bloodshot eyes and 2 sets of teeth in frothing mouths bearing down on me and no way was I gonna to be handing them no ball on a silver platter." I asked him if he wanted me to pass that message onto you and just what he meant by "twirp". That's when he showed me his pearly whites from ear lobe to ear lobe.

No he just thought he'd get another superman catch! Printers quote, “I was just going to give Geroy a shot. I mean, he’s made so many plays for us in the past that I just figured ‘It’s Geroy, I may as well give him a shot,’? said Printers. No class!! .on a another note, an Intelligent quarterback would have just thrown it away and let the coaches make the next move.

that was the most ridiculous post ive read tonight...seriously if you dont have a legit comment than why be an ass? cause you have no counter to any of my points? i was trying to have a mature serious conversation and you cant even hold it in for more than 3 posts before it becomes a joke? thats pretty sad

and yes i know seriously no one has read all the posts on here...please read them over and im pretty sure i mentioned that if not it was a diff thread i was talking to geroysimonfan on...either way I NEVER ONCE CLAIMED THIS TO BE A GOOD IDEA JUST A POSSBIBLITY OF WHAT HE WAS SEEI NG ...IVE ALSO MENTIONED HOW GEROY BAILED HIM OUT MULTIPLE TIMES UP TO THAT POINT IN THE GAME im putting it in caps so maybe people will pick up in this point rather than continously make the same comments over and over

guys, i am not thinking printers just threw the ball for the PI, someone on this website said he did, so i posted a topic about it to really figured our what happened, and yes, i also believe printers did not throw it for the PI.

"cause you have no counter to any of my points? i was trying to have a mature serious conversation and you cant even hold it in for more than 3 posts before it becomes a joke? thats pretty sad"

Oh Pahleeeez Jakob7....don't go there. No one is trying to "counter" your points. You asked for opinions about why Printers threw the ball on that last play. You posed it as a question. You got my answer and several others who were not in agreement with you. You seem to have a problem with that. If you believe that is why he threw the ball, good. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it and neither will anyone else. Don't start changing it into personal attack by calling people an a**. Comments like that do not belong here. I wouldn't normally give you this much of my time but I'm hoping you understand that you need to lighten up a little. Speaking of finding humor in the postings here, try going over some of your own postings and see how many times you use lol after and during your comments. It looks like I'm not the only one who has been chuckling.

Anyways, if you need to have the last word, have it. I think we've beaten this one into the ground and it is time to move on. Have a nice day.

just in my defense...look who created the thread yup wasnt me...i got that far in your post and didnt bother with it anymore so thanks for your input :thdn:

No he threw it because Casey Printers cannot read the other teams defence!!

leofan shush!