Did our 1st Round pick really sign with the AAF? / Spelling thread


CFL News?
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Are you aware that the Alliance of American Football opened their training camps last Friday?

And that ALL teams are having their training camps in the same city, in San Antonio, Texas?

Chapman is still not down on the roster

Are you suggesting there’s a difference between referencing Dunnigan twice a year spelt incorrectly and purposely saying Mazzoli 9 times a day in pretty much every thread?

I think everybody reading this thread should seriously contemplate the validity of what Gonorrhea26 is saying about whether or not spelling someone’s name incorrectly is disrespectful, particularly if the mistake is repeated frequently in the face of corrections.

Maybe it’s just a wonky spell-check? :wink:

I wouldn’t be shocked if he ends up in the new XFL in 2020. He seems to have no interest at all in playing up here, or at least not for Hamilton. If we ever see him up here it will likely be around 2021-2022 when he has literally exhausted every opportunity in the US.

It’s hard to understand why he would forgo 2 seasons of pay and experience. Sign a 2 year cfl deal and leave in 2020 when/ if the xfl starts.

I know this is off topic but Garney is my ultimate childhood sports hero and since so many people who get diagnosed with dyslexia are stigmatized, I would like to give Garney Henley the chance to express how his learning disorder has affected his life.

"CFL Hall-of-Famer I, Garney Henley, have had dyslexia all my life, but never knew it until recently. I now understand what makes me and 20% of the population so different. I always knew I was different.

When I was a young boy, I would come home with hours of homework. I would struggle to read and understand the written word. And my spelling… forget it… no matter how hard I tried I could not spell. It seemed to be easy for my brother and sisters. My mother, a teacher, patiently helped me each night.

Thank God for her guidance and love. Everyone in my family was smart and at times I believed that I wasn’t. After all, anyone who can’t read or spell must be stupid. Right? But deep inside me I knew I was not stupid. Needless to say, I was terribly confused. My marks reflected my struggle, mostly D’s and C’s,

but early in my school career it became apparent that I was good at athletics. I played basketball, baseball and ran track and field and rarely was I beaten. My reputation as an athlete grew and that helped me become accepted at school.

People never said much about my grades, but I’m sure some of them thought that I was a typical dumb jock. I got an athletic scholarship to a small university and the anxiety about academics intensified. I had to get grades to remain eligible. It was a struggle each day.

Finally, one of my professors coached me on how to study. His one word of advice that made all the difference was, M if you are reading something you don’t understand don’t go on, read it again." That’s what I had to do. But because I’m such a slow reader it took hours to read one chapter. I was determined to succeed, so I persevered. I stayed up many nights after a football or basketball game painfully reading every word… ever so slowly.

It paid off because during my last semester at university I made the Dean’s list.

That same year I was drafted by The Green Bay Packers. My football career began with Green Bay and I went on to spend 16 years with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League.

For the first five years of my career I played both ways. I rarely came off the field. That meant I had to know both the offense and the defense. It was easy for me to learn the plays because we practiced them each day. They were pictures in my head, not written words on the page. Why could I learn and remember twice as many plays as most of my teammates? It was hard for me to believe that I was stupid, yet I couldn’t read very well or spell and that seemed to be the measure of intelligence.

After my retirement from football and coaching a national basketball championship team to victory at Guelph University, I went on to become the Athletic Director at Mt. Allison and Brock University.

By that time I had devised many ways to cover up my dyslexia. When people would ask me to read a memo and then stood there and expected me to read it immediately, I would always tell them, “I’ll read it and get back to you.” If I were preparing a memo, I would write it out and then go to the dictionary and rewrite the memo making all the necessary corrections before giving it to the secretary. Like my days in school, I had many a late Right at work.

In conclusion, don’t be quick to label and criticize people if they struggle in different ways with the written word. If you look around, someone close to you – your mate, a child, a co-worker, a friend - is likely to have dyslexia. Explore the minds of people with dyslexia because they are real treasure chests of intelligence, knowledge and ideas. Steven - 18 years old In grade school I always seemed to manage

Spelled not spelt here in NA…just kidding.

What I really want to know is if I am still able to use Arblows. And I do mean disrespect when spelling this incorrectly.

I agree Steve . Chapman is a good player but he’s not Le’veon Bell . Sitting out does nothing for your skills. Maybe the Cats have another Moe Petrus. He was our first pick (10th overall) in the 2011 draft from Connecticut. He chose not to play pro football at all.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Suggesting its disrespectful to misspell a name is snowflake posturing. Give your a head a shake! The smarmy name calling and berating that goes on around here makes that look like harmless fun.

Apparently your “harmless fun” isn’t appreciated by others .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Gotta agree. ?


Agreed Garney. There are too many sensitivities on this forum. most of the spelling errors are a result of sausage fingers tapping on small keys. So what if a wurd is spelled wrong? As long as the meaning of wued and sentance isn’t lost, who the heck gives a &$@#

I think you may have missed the point. Yes fat fingers and spell check cause errors. These are honest mistakes. Constant misspelling of ones last name to prove some sort of perverse humour. (ie. Mazzola, Mazzoli, Mazola) is nothing but childish and disrespectful to those ( Masoli) who cannot respond to such posts. Like calling someone a “snow person? with the intent of belittling because the poster believes his response is to someone older than he is.
Some people find it demeaning and will always comment on said behaviour even if no forum rules might have been broken.
I would imagine the mods have a tough time managing this forum. Can’t be a lot of fun to VOLUNTEER their time to do this.

I’m not here to be appreciated by high and mighty posturing like yours. Try giving a little latitude to others instead of judging every little piccadillo. You might find my spelling improves like Masoli has.?

I remember him Pat! Can’t believe it was that many years ago. You might be right, maybe he’s exploring non football options… which makes the ticats that much worse. The lack of info on this kid is puzzling.

My friend… I am so tempted here… but I refrain.