Did our 1st Round pick really sign with the AAF? / Spelling thread

There were reports, back around September, that Mark Chapman was about to sign on to play for the Salt Lake City team in the AAF, scheduled to start play next month. Checking that team's web site roster, his name's not there:


I’ll go you one better . I just checked the other seven teams rosters and his name is nowhere to found on any of them . I’m beginning to wonder if this guy even actually exists ? :o

I just went through the NFL transactions for the last 10 days and no sign of him . He’s not on the Bronco roster or the NFL list of players.

I fear aliens and their mandatory probes will relegate him to the permanent IR . :wink:

Pat Lynch (the old Dark Helmet fan)

Wonder if tillman’s sudden departure has anything to do with this.

Maybe he is a “dead guy? and we drafted a dead guy!
IT HAPPENED before!!

Garney26 drafted a dead guy, It was said, that was one of his better picks! :wink:

So why is he not on the roster????wierd

Maybe the team screwed up and drafted the wrong Mark Chapman ? You know the guy who is currently serving a life sentence for killing Lennon ? I’m thinking that perhaps they drafted him instead not knowing that he had already signed a lifetime contract to play in the Penitentiary Football League . :o

Maybe Mark Chapman is holding out for more money from Salt Lake City - threatening that he will sign with the Cats, if he doesn’t get a big contract. :wink:

Can someone build a whole pro football career out of going back and forth between different teams and leagues with vague promises and demands, while never actually signing or playing for any of them?

Only his agent and his lawyer are making money? Eventually you have to play, or at least sign a contract and make the roster,to get paid, right? ;D

Garney as it turned out had a severe learning disability that had rendered him almost completely illiterate. He spent a lifetime hiding it and passing , and that draft incident allowed him to come forward and get help.

I did not know that, what an amazing man!
Went to his house when I was around 12 -13 years old to get his autograph, he lived just a few blocks away.
Got his autograph and met Mrs. Henley too, I will never forget!

I don't see a date on this, but Henley explained his disability, here, on Pg. 10:


My brother was mildly dyslexic, if that is how it would/could be described

Advice from Garney

"In conclusion, don't be quick to label and criticize people if they struggle in different ways with the written word. If you look around, someone close to you -- your mate, a child, a co-worker, a friend - is likely to have dyslexia. Explore the minds of people with dyslexia because they are real treasure chests of intelligence, knowledge and ideas."

can’t really find anything official saying he signed with the Salt Lake Stallions… it says he’s on there on his wiki page, but roster search comes up empty.

most articles link back to 3downnation and drew edwards, so take that for what its worth i guess?

Food for thought for the spelling /grammar police.

Thats why I put it there.

Spelling mistakes can happen for a number of reasons.

Intentionally misspelling a persons name and name calling is disrespectful

But don’t you get a free pass if you have a friend who is hearing impaired?

The crux of the issue, and the key point in this whole discussion, regardless of any handicap or disability.