They were just poor decisions from a coach where the game has passed him by. Matthews had no respect from the players the moment he was named coach, and it showed on the field. I’ve never seen a more docile and wooden coach on the sidelines in my years watching the CFL. He could not motivate one single Argo, and the decisions to punt from the end zone and try a 3rd down gamble were desperation moves- all he wanted to do was win his last game as a CFL coach, he was going to resign wether the Argos won the game or not.

I guess Joseph is still on the pay roll of the riders LOL.

It's really nothing new for Matthews, we've seen him go for 2 on the extra point to try for the win instead of kicking it for the tie before.

He sure must be. 25/38 with 5 Tds and 0 Int's for Joseph is just screaming that he threw the game to me anyways.

He's about the only guy that you can't say that about.

Unless he's turned into Toronto's version of Shoeless Joe.....

Get Real. More like Bishop is still on the payroll of the Argos.

Your theory would bear out better with the stats if you said the Riders TRIED to blow it and failed. Yes, the Green did get lucky this week, but that just means a wake up call before next week.

Even so, if it does come down to it, in spite of RedWhite, I'll still cheer for the Stamps over the Lions.

(and yes, I do live in BC)

It was a brutal call. Had the guy not bobbled the snap, he was dead in the water. Saskatchewan
was all over it.

That game was gift wrapped, and you could see the frustration Joseph had in the interview after the fact.

Losing is one thing, giving away a game is another.

I think that call by Mathews was terrible, however, I'm not sure why everyone thinks that's the play that cost the game. Either way the Riders were getting the ball back and they still could have scored. All they needed was a field goal. I'd say the fumble that gave the Riders great field position was the play that cost the Argos the game, as well as their terrible D. They had 4 interceptions and still managed to give up 45 points, brutal.

Rider fans should be proud of that master piece of a game. I mean the ARgos probably the worst team in the CFl in the second half and the rider had to pull it out. LOL

Well, through most of the game I was sure that Joseph was going to be traded to the Riders for playoffs and that’s why our defense refused to touch him. When is the trade deadline by the way? Cause some of those rushes looked idiotic and staged.

Meanwhile, there was one play by the Argos that I still don’t understand. It’s 2nd and 10 for the Riders with 7 s left in the 1st half. We go offside and on the resulting play it’s incomplete. So 1 s left, they have a choice of decline the penalty and get Riders 3rd and 10 from about midfield or take the penalty and get 2nd and 20 from about the Rider 45. Since we’re not going to punt with 1 s left, why the crap would you decline the penalty? Either Matthews thought the half was over and not declining the penalty ended the half (to which I say, ‘look at the clock, dude’) or they thought we were going to punt it away with 1 s left in the half (which would have me posting about our idiocy in that case). So which is it, ignorance or idiocy on the Argos part?

Proof enough that the Argos did not "throw" the game. So if the Stamps lose tomorrow, we can legitimately say the Stamps threw the game? You can make the argument that the Stamps can pick their opponent on how bad or well they play tomorrow.

At least Edmonton would have had something to gain by throwing the game had they done it ... it would've made absolutely no sense whatsoever for Toronto to throw the game. Making those types of calls is just Don's style, and this time it didn't work out. And as has been said many times in this thread, the Argos had a pretty big lead going into the fourth quarter. That would never have happened if they were throwing the game.

The game may not have been thrown but if I was an Agro fan I would be very pisssssed at the stupid call. It was a great game until then. All fans got ripped off.

Yes, the game was thrown…right into the garbage can because it was a BADLY played game, not worthy of being watched.

Well I thought it was worth watching! Very entertaining, in a train-wreck sort of way. Lots of points anyway.......

I hope they do throw the game.

Doesn't matter if Calgary loses today, Riders will take BC out anyway next week. The only difference is we won't make the 500 grand or whatever they expect to make from that game.

Am I the only one tired of this whole this team threw this game or that team threw that game garbage?I mean come on think about it if that was the case and the league found out there would be hell to pay not to mention crimal charges as well for fixing a sporting event.So instead of even talking about this crap lets just move on and enjoy the playoffs.