It has to be asked. I'd like to think NO but Don's actions speak volumes. The first one was the punt from the end zone instead of giving up 2 - that led to 7, which in turn led to the next 7 and tie game.

Then its 3rd an 9 on your own 40 with under a minute left and he calls a fake punt run play? There's only 2 explanations ...

  1. He wanted to get at Buono and the Lions and threw the game OR
  2. Don has become a bush-league coach.

He has lost every game so I tend to favour #2, but then again he knows he's probably not back next year and has nothing to stop him from taking out a personal vendetta. Either way, that was a PEE WEE coaching decision. The all-time best coach has egg all over his face and his reputation has been seriously diminished these last 2 months. Tonight topped it all off.

Oh well, as a Lions fan I expected to be in this situation where we have to beat Calgary to get 2nd. The Leos mojo will be tested!


Is it any surprise that the Argos are not a good team? They play pretty well and blow it in the end. That's just the Argos. The call by Matthews was a stupid one but does it surprise anyone. Not me. Sure it would have been great for the Lions to clinch home field with a Rider loss but it makes it more interesting for the Stamps/Lions game. I personally don't care if where the West Semi is played. I just know it should be a good game between the Riders and Lions. Each team has won in each other's stadiums.

Congrats to the Riders for the comeback but I would be surprised if the Riders and their fans are happy with their play. If they are, I believe the Riders will have be in for a surprise against the Lions or Stamps.

Its funny how the Riders have won the last two games and both times somebody on this forum says: Well that’s only because the other team THREW the GAME!"

That is a joke.

As far as Rider fans being happy with the game goes . . .

Happy with 4 INTS . . . No.
Happy with 38 points against . . . No.
Happy with No passing TDs . . . No.
Happy with Getting stuffed on the one early on . . . No.
Happy with the win . . . Yes.

Edmonton is a good team this year. We destroyed them.
Hamilton is not a good team this year. We narrowly beat them.
Toronto is not a good team this year. We narrowly beat them.

Playoffs are anybody’s game at any time. Always have been - always will be.

At first, I thought the Don had lost it. Upon reflection, his D was playing terrible, and with that much time left, if he made that gamble, they have a chance to win. But if they punt the ball, the Riders likely score at least one point to win. It isn't nearly as silly as it might seem at first blush. Don has always been a gunslinger, from that point on the field, if they felt they had seen something on the video, why not.

I missed some of the last quarter, but I came in to hear the announcers talking about the botched 3rd down conversion. Probably wasn't the best move... and neither was the punt. T.O.'s defence may have been bad, but they did get 4 INTs. I would have given up the 2 points and tried for the stop.

I was thinking that they might give Vanderjagt the green light to take off ala McCallum against the Eskimo's but I'm very surprised they tried a direct snap. I did laugh that it hit him in the face though and he fumbled it.

I can see why some, Lions fans in particular maybe, might think he threw the game but IMHO, no way he would do this. Questionable decision making and some mistakes by his players, yes, but nothing else. The Argos played well enough, obviously, to win this game. That kind of a year in Argoland, some heads will roll but then don't they roll anyways, sometimes even in winning years?

Well I do not want to diappoint the rider fans. Yes this game was thrown.

So what would your analysis be if they had not botched the direct snap and the gamble was successful. It was Don Matthews arrogance that cost them the game and not any intention to "throw" the game.

If we expect to win against BC and Calgary with 4 ints. We are fooling ourselves the only reason we were able to pull it out was we were playing the Argos.

Don't get me wrong the team pulled together and didn't give up which is what won the game but if we were playing a better team we will not win turning the ball over 4 times.

Awesome game by Joseph they are finally letting him play his style.

That seems like the most logical explanation.

Does anyone remember the Montreal/Ottawa July 1st overtime game in 2005? Montreal had the lead and the ball with very little time left and it was 3rd and 1. Rather than call something relative safe, Montreal attempted a pass, which was incomplete. Ottawa took possession, scored and won in overtime.

Making dangerous calls is not new for Matthews but when they work out, you look brilliant, and when you usually win anyway, the bad ones get overlooked a lot more.

Your intelligence never ceases to amaze me. Don't ever quit your day job, thinking your going to strike it rich on " So you think your smarter than a fifth grader".

I guess the Riders won so the game must have been thrown. :roll:

Clearly the opposition have thrown 12 games this year......
I just hope the Stamps don't throw their game....

Yes, the game was thrown. you can tell that because at the start of the game they went out with all guns blazing and were up 31-17 going into the 4th quarter. They had it all figured out. They would make sure that the Riders got 2 touchdown in a minute and a half and make sure they got 1 more touchdown in the 4th, then let the Riders get 2 more to seal the deal. It was a very well thought out plan.
Of course to make thier plan convincing, they also picked the ball 4 times.
Very devious.

And if the Argos are that smart to be able to pull this off with some tight timing, well you'd have to think they were smart enough to go 18-0 and win the GC. You'd think so anyways according to the thrown-game logic. 8)

Hopefully Calgary, BC, and Montreal will be as altruistic as the Eskimos and the Argo's.

I told you guys in another thread he's a double-agent working for the Wetenhall's....

Seriously, I've seen that play worked numerous time when "THE DON" coached the Als with Bruno Heppel, Eric Lapointe, Mike Vilimek, ect....and it also failed a couple of times....

He tried it didn't work...had it work, he would have been called a genius...it fails...now he's blame for it !

The notion Don Mathews let alone any coach would have his team throw a game is total b.s.Don Mattews would never tarnish his legacy like that not to mention if the CFL found out Don Mathews and the Wetenhall's had some conspircy going they would all be bounced from the cfl in a heartbeat.

The whole league is scripted anyway. Haven't you figured that out? It's just like wrestling.

If you ever got your hands on the master-script, you'd know the whole league results before the first game is kicked off.

I tell you, and you probably saw, it took some creative finishes to keep the Riders on script this year thanks to all those injuries.

And, no, injuries are not faked, they are real.