Did Maas put Montreal over the Cap?

No facts...just pure speculation but do you think it is possible that Maas' contract put Montreal over the Cap???

Nope, but it didn't help them. There was a thread here before the season even started that Montreal and B.C were both over the cap and planned to stay over to protest the new system.

Well apparently Montreal is only over the Cap by about $100,000....how much do you think was roughly left on Maas' contract?

I'm pretty sure that a sizable portion of Maas' contract was absorbed by the Tigercats (I recall a post about how his salary was almost all guaranteed after labor day).

I don't think he would have contributed much....I'd think his remaining contract was more or less absorbed by the savings from sending Piercy the other way.

A guaranteed contract doesnt have anything to do with absorbing the salary. League vets that remain on a team after Labour Day get the full value of their contract for the year.

A contract is prorated over 18 games. So the Cats would have paid Maas the per game rate for when they had him and Montreal would have done the same.

Guarantee contracts are just to protect vet players from being cut near the end of the season.

No player in particular. The excess was because an average of 13.5 players, including the 7 on the 9 games injury list, were injured during the 2007 regular season. In terms of dollars, the Als paid roughly $900,000. to their injured players; of this amount between $360,000. and $420,000. for 1 game injury list.

Some of these players on 1 game were Stala and Strickland each 7 games, Watkins 5 games Calvillo 3 games, Thurman, Fritz, Lambert, Chiu each 2 games.

As you can see a good portion were the highest paid Als veterans, which did not help. I would say that the ones that contributed the most were first Stala and Strickland; their original injuries were believed to be for 2 games, but it was 7 each; they both came back to play but were reinjured and were then placed on the 9 games injury list. The second was the one to Calvillo; again it was first believed that it could be for 9 games, hence the trade for Jason Maas. He miss only 3 games and for 7 games him and Maas were counting against the Salary Management System.(SMS) He was placed on the 9 games-re his wife- with 2 games remaining.

As you can see, "hors de l'ordinaire" injuries caused the excess, coupled with Steve Charbonneau which was paid in order to receive medical attention. Since
the sickness was outside football, if paid he had to count against the SMS.

My view or prediction is that the Als will be penalized $ but they will not lose a draft pick.

Thanks Richard! I think you’ve cleared a few things up for us. You write like a very avid Alouette fan and I’d like to welcome you to Ticats.ca.

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Well lets keep it simple, if the Als went over by $125 000 and Maas had $125 000 left on his contract.....

Popp doesn't argue that the reason for going over the cap had anything to do with injuried players and strickly because they took on Steve Charbonneau's contract.

The question is not whether they have exceeded but why have they gone over the $100,000. The reason is the Steve Charbonneau situation.

Jason Maas salary was or could have been a concern only when he and Calvillo were both charged against the SMS. The 2 games that Calvillo was on the 9 game injury list, the cost of Jason Maas was less than Calvillo. No extra costs but savings.

It's not only a 1 player but many injured players that caused the excess.

To conclude, I still don't understand why the Tiger-Cats should get an extra draft pick, if the Als has to forfeit it's. I know that the Cats have been playing like an expansion team for quite some time, but they are not one. They get the 1st choice for their mediocrity and it should be enough.

To conclude, I still don't understand why the Tiger-Cats should get an extra draft pick, if the Als has to forfeit it's.
Its simple, it is the rule which the owners voted for.

It wasn’t Maas … probably Desjardin’s bookkeeping.

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Oski Wee Wee,

The SMS was apparently put in place to provide a level playing field.

The Fines were put in place to pressure teams to work within the frame work of the SMS.

Are all teams working in the framework of the agreement? Absolutely.

The system does a poor job of dealing with player injuries, lacks flexibility, five teams wanted this fixed, 3 teams don't for obvious self-serving reasons.

So this season teams that go over will once again be the teams that have serious injuries to high paid players.

Its more a lottery then a Management system.

The Story is From Canadian News Wire:

Teams are fined $1 for every dollar up to $100,000 they're over the cap. The penalty goes up to $2 for every dollar from $101,000 to $300,000 over, plus a team's first-round draft choice.

The Als went to an arbitrator to argue they finished over the cap because they kept defensive lineman Steve Charbonneau so he could maintain his medical benefits. Charbonneau, a 10-year veteran, didn't play all of last year because of a gastrointestinal illness and the Als contended, had they released him then, Charbonneau would have been without medical benefits.

However, the CFL's board of governors has told Cohon to ensure all teams abide by the cap and to punish those that go over it, regardless of the reason.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/Sports/Local%20Sports/article/361516]http://www.thespec.com/Sports/Local%20S ... cle/361516[/url]

Maybe this is one of the problems Montreal and BC Have with SMS.