Did Maas get shipped overseas?!?!?

Home page to CFL.ca.......Eskimos have CFL's best backup QB west of B.C....., correct me if I'm wrong here, but west of BC would be the Pacific Ocean and beyond that Asia.

haha...never noticed that

Me neither lol

hehe, yeah, I had to do a little double-take on that :wink:

Perhaps he's playing in Japan?

Or, wait - maybe they've just gone the "long way" around the globe - as in, if you head west from BC, and keep going west, you'll eventually end up in Alberta ...

maybe he is just playing around in the Pacific with the Orcas.....or he could be out on a 'trade' mission via the Asian corridor....what mental giant wrote that one up.... :lol: :lol:

Nope, they got it right,LMAO, and its all I can do from making a crack about those ears.

Maybe he is playing for Victoria!

Okay, okay, so he is the second best back up qb in the league. Maybe they have him floating out at sea using those ears as radar.

Ouch you will here about that one pigseye look out I can here the stomping of eskimo feet coming over to the bomber forum! ha ha ha

their compass must be broken

I noticed that error and just shook my head.

By the time this is seen by most of you, it will be Tuesday, and they may have changed the cover story already. But as of right now(10:20pm Pacific), it's a story about how Jason Maas is "The best back-up QB west of BC". Ummm, last time I checked, west of B.C. is the Pacific Ocean. I think cfl.ca's editor is on dope...

already a whole thread dedicated to this noob

Hahahah Too funny ....LMAO

This is so CFL-like...

Beside that mistake, I believe it is pretty interesting that they now publish such stories on players. I just wish they tell us a bit more about the guy behind the player. CFLers all have interesting life stories.

Maybe they are talking abou Alaska?!? 8) :lol:

Alaska is north well north by north west

Funny thing is, I think Maas had better number than Casey last year...