DID LIONS make a mistake trading REILLY?

After watching REILLY throw for 511 Yards and 3 tds with 0 interceptions my worst fears came through--

I pay very close attention to QB play and know how to analyze the true value of a QB-

I saw the warning signs with LULAY and have been vocal about them-

Travis LULAY is a great leader- a great teammate- A great runner, a good character QB- He is a fine QB- BUt he is not a good passer- That has never been his strength---

To put it blunty- GREY CUPS MEAN NOTHING- HENRY BURRIS and DARIAN DURANT almost won a grey cup despite being a terrible passer himself-
The teams that have won the GREY CUP in the past 5 years is the TEAM WITH THE BEST DEFENSE-- Toronto won last year with thier Defense, BC won the CUp with their defense, ALS won 2 cups before with their Defense that shut down Durant in 1 of the cups and the other they did enough- Calgary when they won they did it with defense--

Just watch REILLY when he has even a second to throw- There is no QB in this league with a LIVE ARM like this guy- he can throw it like DAN MARINO- He has a short backswing and can throw it DEEP--

511 yards vs a CHRIS JONES DEFENSE? This is the same ARGOS DEFENSE that gave LULAY FITS in both of his games--

REILLY is the real deal- He can deal the ball--

If I had to rate the 2 passers in terms of ability--- OUt of 10 LULAY to me is a 4 and REILLY is a 7.5 and he will prob be a 8.5 or a 9 at some point--

WALLY made a huge mistake by signing LULAY = LULAY did nothing except ride the HOT BC DEFENSE and be a game manager- HE DIDNT win any of those games by his performance--

LULAY was horrible vs CALGARY again throwing rookie INTS and basically doing nothing for the entire game- LULAY is not improving- REILLY has NO O LINE and still throws the ball all over the field--

LULAY takes the snap, if its not pre determined where to throw the ball he steps back very slowly, has CEMENT FEET, his body is not in throwing position, and he has a long windup- He cannot read the defense and cannot throw deep- his deep attempts are rarely caught--
Teams are starting to JAM the middle of the defense vs LULAY and its resulting in 1 INT PER GAME now-- EVEN D lineman are intercepting LULAY NOW--

BC made a huge mistake- REILLY was the better passer-- Its not hard to believe as WALLY recruited REILY and we all know that WALLY knows QBS- But he would have to make a very hard decision to keep REILY and let LULAY walk to OTTAWA which is what he should have done--

I thought so. He has potential, and was good insurance if TL got injured, or god forbid .....TL stared to tank.

Lulay has the Jarious Jackson syndrome of staring at where he’s throwing too making it dam obvious to the Defense on the other team.

I forget who else was bad at that. I hate that when Lulay stares to long at one spot.

I do find Lulay kind of frustrating to watch, I mean it was Special Teams and D that won that game, not Lulay.

Based on circumstances in 2011-12, logical choice for any manager is to keep Lulay and allow Reilly to go. Lulay won the most valuable player award and a grey cup while Reilly hasn't proved much. Burris and Reilly are similar in that their passing stats may be inflated because they are on bad teams that must pass to catch up in games.

Toronto's strong offense makes Toronto's overrated defense looks good which is among the worst in yards allowed. In 2012, Toronto didn't have the best defense to win a grey cup. Unlike other leagues, the hottest offenses tend to win championships in CFL playoffs. Generally, the best teams win grey cups roughly half of the time.

As usual, I can't agree with a single point of GG's assessment of Lulay.

It would have been GREAT to keep Reilly but he was going to go somewhere as a free-agent and Wally got something where he wouldn't have likely got anything in free agency. Lulay may not be the best QB in the league but he is certainly better than enough of them to keep as the starting QB.

I find that its hard to have confidence in Lulay at times tho. When we had Dickenson and Printers that one year it was like a lock, altho we lost in the big game. Lulay did win so I guess that's the difference. Lulay I suppose knows how to win games better than always making big stat gains.

I personally would love to see more attention given to Canadian QB's.

Casey Printers was bad at "staring" down his receivers.

Lulay is 4th in the league in passing and BC has a strong running game. Lulay doesn't have to throw for 300 yards every game to get the job done. He's made some bad, rookie like decisions this year like maybe locking down on a receiver one too many times and threw some bad ints but that doesn't make him a bad QB. Look at Durant over the past 2 seasons, he went through a slump which I think every human is entitled too. Its bad timing but Lulay is a great QB and will work himself out of this mess. He's having to lean on less experienced receivers this year as well as deal with a new QB coach so it's a bit of a learning year for the BC offense, given all that I'd say they're still doing a pretty good job. The defense and special teams are playing well enough to allow for the offense to catch up. BC's offense has shifted from a more passing attack to a more balanced running and passing combination. Lulay is also 8th in rushing currently. So what if he's not passing for 500 yards, Reilly still didn't beat Toronto having thrown for 500 yards. BC has a more balanced offense than Edmonton. That's why we're 5-2 and not 1-6. (The defense is a big credit to the Lions success too).

Guru, I agree with some of your points on Lulay. Since about mid-season in 2012 TL has given up one bad pick a game, usually when throwing late over the middle. Earlier in his time in BC he’d eat it or throw it away; a sack or a punt beats a turnover every time. He doesn’t use his running ability as often as I’d like, this year normally just one to three rushes per game. Part of that is the normal evolution of a QB, moving away from making plays with his feet and more toward a pass-oriented type of play as his knowledge and comfort with the Lions’ complicated offense improves.

Lulay continues to struggle against all-out blitzes. That can be due to outnumbering the offensive line and running back, a failure of blocking by the fat guys and/or the running back, or young receivers not looking in to read blitz and adjusting their routes to short curls. Typically the QB looks to the inside guy on the wide side when reading blitz, or something quick over the middle against the safety blitz. If that inside guy doesn’t look in and get on the same blitz-read page as Lulay, Travis is left with nothing to do but make something up fast or eat it. This is by no means unique to Lulay: virtually every new QB goes through a similar progression as their career develops. Damon Allen, Henry Burris and Tracy Hamm have been the best I’ve seen in keeping the defense off-balance using the run.

I think Lulay needs to realize the advantage a QB running the ball about five to seven times a game has in opening up the rest of the Lions’ offensive potential. It takes pressure away from running backs and forces the fat guys on the D-Line to run more, reaping benefits later in the game. And that isn’t limited to this league: just look how dominating the 49ers were last year with Kapernick running a fair bit. Ditto for a young Micheal Vick with the Falcons. Unless the D spies the QB from snap to sideline every time he takes off with it someone has to be pulled from his area of responsibility and adjust to the QB running, usually a step or two behind the QB.

Regarding Mike Reilly, are we over-reacting just a bit to his 511-yard game against the Argos? It is certainly possible that Reilly may surpass Lulay at some point, perhaps after he starts a few dozen games. He does have a very live arm, a quality that no doubt attracted Shivers and Buono to Reilly in the first place, albeit a quirky, non-standard delivery. He is a conspicuous leader, that quality becoming crystal clear the moment you watch him interact with coaches and teammates. Buono dealt Reilly to Edmonton for two reasons: 1) The draft to stock the RedBlacks meant only one QB could be protected per teams, and 2) Wally wanted Julius Williams, a great but injury-plagued pass rush end with Edmonton the last couple of years. When he gets healthy he’ll probably be the answer to the Lions last place position in this season’s sack tally.

Finally, I’d like to add my two cents worth about the gun metal grey uniforms. Because the numbers are orange outlining the same grey with a thin perimeter, the numbers are too hard to see — especially from the upper deck. Just as in a PowerPoint presentation, it is very important to have strong contrast between the background and foreground colours. That quality is probably not be lost on the Lions coaching staff, who could see an advantage in the opposition misreading the numbers as well. A sort of stealth uniform. Solomon Elimimian said he’d like to see them become our home uniforms, all the time. Personally I think the orange is an iconic part of the team’s branding and marketing. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Better to keep the third jersey for big games and playoffs where they’ll sell better. On the other hand, I can see how marketing a new line of gun metal grey jerseys, tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, ball caps, skull caps, women-centric Lions apparel etc would help boost the bottom line, something most … okay all CFL managers would fine virtually irresistible. .

Note to Wally: next home game, have about three to four times as many third jerseys available for sale in the building for the next home game.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Travis could have used your advice tonight, Dooger.........he might just have had a few more 1rst Ds. Right around the midway mark of the 4th Q, BC finally had their 2nd - 1rst D of the half! That hurts a team. Grant it that Montreal had some really great blitzes tonight, but Travis had time on some throws and either over-threw his receiver or threw it away. Not a good game for him though I would never write him off as he has shown he can recover well from bad games. I put this win down to a frosh QB who didn't know that he was beat and in spite of throwing upteem interceptions - never gave up and the team was with him. This win is good for the game and good for the league. Rock on Als! :rockin:

I think that at some point in the next season LULAY will have played himself out of the CFL and will not be with the LIONS-

The CFL is a passing league and QBS with mobility who are willing to run or SCRAMBLE to buy time do well. Now I think first CHAPS will be fired, and a new offensive coordinator will be brought into BC so he can try to work with LULAY and see if they can salvage his career-

The reality is this- Burris, RAY, Calvillo, even Durant, the consistent QBS, usually score over 30 points a game at least 5 to 8 games a season, and in some cases over 35 and close to 40 for a few games-- I have never seen LULAY get hot and lead BC to a high scoring output like 40 points or even over 30 points–

The reality is that TRAVIS LULAY does not understand the CFL game- His release is way too slow and his feet are stuck in cement- he just does not anticipate anything well and when he throws deep, he does not do so in RYTHYM, he winds up and puts his whole body in the throw and its obvious he is throwing deep because of how he throws the football like a JAVELIN when he winds up to throw deep-

LULAY’s ints are no accident- LULAY has no idea what is going on with the coverage-------- He just cannot get it done–

People will defend oh the BC lions won the GREY CUP with him? Well they played no one and played WInnipeg wtih BUCK PIERCE and look at WInnipeg now–

I think that Joey Elliot and DEMARCO should compete for the starters JOB and we should slowly move away from LULAY–

The CFL has a good grasp of LULAY-- I cannot figure out for the life of me, why teams dont BLITZ LULAY EVERY SINGLE PLAY, Montreal did that, and yeah LULAY cant do anthing, he starts running backwards and throws passes out of bounds–

LULAY is a fraud, he is a nice guy and all this, but he is not a good football QB-- He cannot throw deep or with any touch at all- He has 1 speed on his throws, which is really hard, he doesent throw a catchable ball at all----

Its time WALLY to cut your losses and move away from LULAY as he IMO is a poor CFL prospect and QB- Stats dont lie in this case - the INTS, the lack of scoring in his past 2 years shows he is a fraud.