Did Kyries cash bonus Cheque

I have heard rumours that Kyries Hebert cashed his bonus cheque. The cheque was given to him by the Bombers as part of the contract that they assumed when they took him off waivers. If he did cash the cheque then he is acknowledging the contract as being valid. If he still doesn’t come here to play, then he is in effect stealing from the Bombers.

Another thing that I wanted to say here is that alot of people are saying that the Bombers are cruel because they took Kyries off waivers at the last minute. The reason that it was done this way is because Hamilton still had the right to pick Kyries Hebert off waivers even if the Bombers had picked him first. When the Bombers did take him off waivers they wanted to have very time left for Hamilton to react.

bob irving of CJOB reported that he did indeed cash that cheque and his arbitration case is scheduled to start next friday

its supposed to start 9am in winnipeg

IMO. He cashed the cheque because the league's been taking their sweet %^$#^ time getting arbitration done. All it does is up the ante. Hebert is going to get hurt but once again Taman is going to make it difficult for himself and the organization to attract talent.

In reality there is no way to force a player to make plays for an organization.

This is a mistake on Taman's part. No team acquired Hebert during the dispersal draft so you can assume that is trade value is practicaly nill.

The guy is trying to salvage his marriage...

Taman your a donkey...

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This has been discussed and really quit making donkeys look bad!

....oh yeah ...really a tough time to attract talent....look at the Bombers line-up....i don't think there is a team who has put more NEW talent on the field this year...Taman has done a helluva job this season....and it's not his fault in the least that Hebert chose not to join the party...maybe a realization has set in and we will see Kyries shortly...when he performs like the talent he is ....we will be kicking a few butts around this league...and that's really what a lot of other clubs are worried about....so lets tell the real story,, and cut the crap...HXtc...

Thats see why would a team replace lots of players with new players.

  1. Maybe because the players they had to replace were actually not good enough
  2. Being in last place of course you would need to make a lot of changes
    Hey if it gets the bombers out of the basement great. :thup:

...replacements....i'm sure you're pretty familiar with that ..red...seems you had a huge retro-fit from the garbage you were serving up a few years ago (feterik yrs)...we have sort of gone down that same trail...and are about to return to the club that ALWAYS deserved respect...and by the way ...that black bird is being prepped and ready for your indulgence... :lol: :lol:

  1. You might have a very good player but if you can get a great player why would you not upgrade?

  2. Have to agree there. Can't deny the facts. Many teams would have jumped at a chance to sign him had they known that the battery charge would be reduce to a minor charge? Or was it the salary? If so would that not indicate there was an obligation to honor the contracted salary?

Someone will have to explain to me why he was claimed in the last minutes. Is that when all got settled in the States? Someone?

Hi everyone

I wanted to send you all a note to let you know that the date for my arbitration hearing has been set to next week.

My agent and I will be flying into Winnipeg Monday June 26th to attend the hearing which starts the morning of the 27th.

I also wanted to take a minute to address reports that the bonus cheque I received from Winnipeg was cashed.
When the bonus cheque was originally sent to me from the Winnipeg club I promptly returned it. The club then sent it directly to my advisor's office and it was then deposited it in error to an account in my name. I was not made aware of this until recently and I have since returned the money to the Winnipeg club.

After the hearing next week I will send you another update.

Thanks for the continued support.

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