Did June Jones Actually Leave ?

Not quite a mirror image of last year because specials and pass rush is better. …
But another year of a easy to shut-down offense ?

Our O line play is the big culprit for my perspective.

Penton had an unnamed source last week talking about how Masoli’s mechanics have degraded since Austin was in Hamilton. According to this source, Masoli looked good under Austin, less so under Jones, and way less so under Condell, because he’s not being coached up to make throws properly, from a mechanical standpoint (throwing off back foot, etc.). Would you say that’s accurate? I don’t follow the Cats, so I can’t say one way or another. But it was an interesting point.

Been throwing from back foot last 2 games. Did not notice earlier

I like how you still reference the ghost of June Jones but can’t EVER call out Condell. Even after the Sask game it was the Rider defence you praised. I wonder why you have such a strong bias for Tommy?

Reinebold and Washington won this game for us. Not Condell.

Masoli is back to the Masoli of old.

Happy feet. Throwing off the back foot. Holding onto the ball too long.

The Tommy Condell/Kent Austin offensive scheme is back.

So which is it?

Happy feet or or Condell’s scheme? ???


… and two beautiful throws to Speedy for touchdowns after the pick.

… and a time consuming perfectly executed drive late in the fourth quarter.

But hey, why see the positives when you can keep throwing someone under the bus and not acknowledging the good play.

Please stop being logical and using facts in your posts, or we will ask the mods to ban you…


It was a good win, not great in all aspects but a win. That we had to count on STs to put up 14pts, thatz ok since we are a team and everyone picks up and backs up the others.
Puts us in same category as “West elite teams?.. ok maybe also a team or 2 from east!

Stop noticing things.

I noticed you were wrong about Masoli throwing more than 2 INTs. (His average you made up)

Noticed shotgun on second and two.

We are 4 and 1,
3 and 0 at home,

Didn’t June Jones say,“Win your home games and steal some wins on the road”

Upcoming schedule


vrs WPG


vrs BC



vrs TOR


Every coach says that.
Just wish June practiced what he preached.

As CGY just was, WPG will be an even bigger test

Once again we have a very talented team with depth, coaching, ownership, fan support, and a fairly weak division. Quarterback, not so much.

Our QB isn’t playing at his best right now, But he will.

Ticats just beat a team that they hadn’t beaten since 2011 in Moncton. 15 straight. Average margin of victory almost 12 points. Second longest losing streak in CFL history.

They just beat a very good team. Deep breath, enjoy the bye week and get better. Then on to the next opponent.